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  • What did you name your Statuette?

    theoc86 wrote: »
    I named mine Blu! im new to these events and im not sure how one of you has a level 4 already. i thought it was 4 in the mail and 4 from doing dailys per day. where else can you get the black and white shards from as i really want to complete this.

    You get 8 intotal, 4 white and 4 black fragments, you get 2 of each Via the mail everyday after reset at 12, and then you get 2 of each more, from completing the Daily Missions, Use X amount of Active skills, kill X amount of bosses or regular monsters, obtain X amount of items from battle, ect ect, they also reset every day,

    In so far, it only takes 4 fragments to level up the statue, it only goes to Lv14, so you need 56 fragments in total, it'll take 7 days to obtain that, the event is fairly easy, The event lasts till August 30th so even if you screw up and use a black fragment when it wants a white one, and thus only obtain 1 point instead of 2 you'll have plenty of time,

    On another note, the rewards and statue level are Per character, So that means you can get all 14 rewards on all characters,
  • So like how much is Dullahan Essence for Rings?

    Current cheapest Dullahan essence on East server is 150m, highest is 500m, Smooth legendary chunks range from 6m to 50m, you'd better off just getting a essence from the raid itself then buying one
  • Weird Neam Glitch?

    This also happens when the camera pans out of the map,
  • And all the players? Is the game really dead?

    http://steamcharts.com/app/212160#All It feels like 2014/2015 was vindictus last good years, player base wise
  • World Shameless Match (Rock, Paper, Scissors)

    Can you only obtain the RPS tokens from 5 battles a day? i was farming The Five Spider Brothers for the tokens as its a token per boss and i noticed that after the 5th round i wasn't getting anything side from regular drops,

    I switched battles and ran several others including dailies but i've gotten nothing so far

    Nevermind. you can only have 5 of each token on you at a time