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  • Not logging in for 30 days works.

    Just beware that friendlist and probably guild member list is not accurate for timer. I logged in on one of my accounts when FL said 30 days, and didn't get returner. And support refused to admit that the timer is not accurate. And when I asked different people they usually gave me different answers (one 30days, the other 29days). One friend even got 32 days absence on me when it was no more than 30days and some hours. And when I checked one friend's character on 2 different chars in one account, I got different results too.
    So, make sure logging in if you're sure that you're in your 31st day or so. Or wait for at least 31 server resets to pass. Because if you log in at 29d23h55m the support will not accept it and won't do anything for you.
  • Give the +12 90 Weapon & Armor Set for everyone

    It's not even about leveling fast anyway. I've been playing the game since 2012 actively, pretty much everyday for a few hours, except for having to quit for a year in 2016. For my case, as I'm not lucky with enhances, drops or anything else, I'm spending a lot of time and money to gear my main character. That's why I can't even find any way to gear up my alts therefore I can't play them in any s3 content. The +12 gear would be my chance to spend some more time on my alts too while playing my main as usual. And eventually it'd increase my login time aswell.

    After today I'll quit the game for a month. And after that if I ever find any will or desire to come back, I will. If not, this will be the story of how I quit the game.
  • Delia & Neamhain figurines

    Drustan wrote: »
    Ok, they might have been serious...
    Anyone with enough Korean knowledge to determine if they are still trolling?

    The japanese guy on the video is the designer of the figures. And the video is some kind of interview with him, which is mostly about his experiences in general (with nexon games and the figures)

    I'm just gonna copy paste the summary of the video that I shared on discord. Might edit it later if I don't feel lazy to do a proper translation.
    He says he got to know about other nexon games when he was a student, and even played himself. Then he learned about vindi a few years ago
    He says he likes the original character looks of vindi, thats why he asked nexon himself to create figures. Which means, it was him who asked nexon if he can create figures and then he got OK, and started creating
    Since he's mainly making figures of japanese characters as his job, the characters from korean game have different, erm how to say, different feeling, or like characteristic
    So he says, it was difficult to create korean ones because if he does it like japanese ones, figures would lose their characteristics
    the video doesn't say much about figures actually. Only that he's got the order for Neamhain and Delia, and working on them.
    But he does mentione that, he's planning to finish them till summer to announce them at Japan's Wonder Festival. (which is in 29th July)