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  • Who are the "Super Miri" people?

    we already asked GM about that

    : GM Thokim Friday at 01:12
    Hello Mercenary,

    Thank you again for your updated response.

    I hope that I can clear up any confusion that you are experiencing. Regarding the Super Elite Miri Title, it was the first 10 players per world to reach level 95 will receive the Super Elite Miri title. It is not exclusive to a single player to reach 95. It was issued out to multiple players.

    from what I know . me [yusuryna ) , Skymirillion , and another miri (don't remember the name ) , have the "Super Elite miri title " All from EU server
  • PSA: Customer Support Scam

    Rezi wrote: »
    Um, okay, but why make a clone post?

    he maybe fail x)

    and about your story . That's why i hate Steam and i will NEVER play Vindictus or another MMO with him (except if the game force to use steam )

    2 month ago a friend tried to play with another player at vindictus . But he never found it . because the other guy use Steam . like if he was in another dimension .

    Rezi wrote: »
    An MMO company CANNOT prove that you own an account using your personal information, because MMO companies (at least in the West) do NOT collect that info when you first create your account. Personal, sensitive information like that does not in any way prove account ownership, nor are online game company employees legally obligated or even contractually obligated to take that information to determine account ownership. The only time such information can actually be used is with transaction issues, and even then it means nothing if you intentionally used a card that's not in your name for innocent reasons (like a family member's, or a gift card).

    false . when you create a account on the vindictus website . you must use your date of birth and others things .
    i already did that to restore my account with DragonNest . they asked for a picture of my ID in front of my pc with a special file open on the screen to prove that I also have the mail u_u that was insane but i recovered my account