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  • To those banned by Black Cipher

    I was "banned" with the 10-seconds issue for a year already.
    I will go with "No compensation will be sufficient for the lost time" as my answer.
  • The Game Will Close in 10 Seconds

    We having this issue since last year:

    Making the ban as final without giving player a chance to appeal themselves is like running a kangaroo court in **** Germany, and you don't have to censor their GM name because those are not their real name.

    On the Discord announcement, do not be optimism that they will fix and "unban" your account. Officials might be irresponsible for this issue by tell everyone to "close any unnecessary programs" before playing on next announcement and make no intention to fix the issue.
  • Game will close in 10 seconds


    Okay, ladies and gentlemen.
    Whoever still out there trying to get your account unblock, I think have "a news" for you.

    On this morning, NA official (maybe) has posted an announcement on official Discord channel (See image), saying that "Black Cipher" issue has been aware and investigating by the developer team. Further update will be announce in future.

    To those who don't know what this "Black Cipher" is, this is an anti-cheat program that run in the background when you are running Vindictus. "Black Cipher" is a very unpopular program for false ban and slowing game performance, according to some players who analyzing game data. Some suggestion said the "Black Cipher" is the cause of 10-seconds issue that we are having where causing false flagging for using safe programs (Spotify, Discord, etc......)

    Back to the Discord. Based on the announcement, there is no specification and detail on what kind of "'Black Cipher' issue" the official refer to, and it might not be related to 10-seconds issue that we having it (that why I am not too certain). I would not be optimism on this announcement, even if it related to 10-seconds issue because, the chances are, they might announce that they cannot solve this issue and/or unable to lift the ban. Even they did solve this issue and lift the ban, they still have a year worth of compensation to give out to us, which I am doubting that they are willing to hand things out like that.

    The "10-seconds" issue appeared a year ago, and the official still have take no action to this issue until maybe now, except declaring affected players are "banned". If they are really going to solve the 10-seconds issue through "Black Cipher" issue, what is the point for aware and solve it now where some affected players like aijks2046 are not coming back? What about events? We don't even got chance to participate it and get event-exclusive titles, especially Grimden and Eira event titles.

    What are the officials and developer team been doing for 2019? Why solve now instead a year ago? Is holding Twitch events are more important than dealing internal issues? Do you really need to wait until the issue become large for you to care about? Are minorities are not worth your time to take it care? Are you having translation issue to get the wording to developer team?

    That enough of questioning for a day. I'll keep follow up if anything come up.
  • What weapons would you like to see?

  • Game will close in 10 seconds

    There is one thing I discovered a day ago.

    I created and played a whole new character in EU server (I am based on NA server) with the same NX account and computer. It's turned out playing EU server WILL NOT caused the game client to close down. When I came back out and entered NA server, game client still close down.

    There must be something wrong to our affected characters on server side that can caused the game client to close down, rather than our game client or computer.