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    NA | Veteran | 300 Members | 78,520+ GP

    - Veteran: Channel 95

    Why others should join your Guild
    We help out any members that needs help and willing to gear up determine Vindictus players. We have a Vindictus redeemer party every week so any players who has done story up to date can join us if they give us a heads up. I've help people from lvl 1 up to lvl 100 non-stop. Although it can get pretty tiring it's good to know some people like the game enough and I can send those players out there to join their friends and have fun raiding. We also have a discord for our guild so we can help players understand the game better and help them out on their journey. This guild is more than just players playing Vindictus we're pretty much a family helping each other out.

    What makes your Guild special or stand out
    We are probably the biggest guild there is with 300 members max and have some of the highest ranked players. Even though some people leave our guild we don't hold it against them and still willing to help them in raids and redeemers. We have good partnership among with other guilds and we have a lot of active players.

    Your Guild’s motto
    Veterans, writing history for the Heroes of tomorrow

    Biggest achievement that you and your Guild members have achieved
    We have max out our guild to 300 members with high rank players. A lot of our members are often online, usually 12 members or more per day. We often do redeemers to help our members to raise our stats as a guild to become stronger.

    Future goals with your Guild members
    We want to try and level every members up to 100 with full force lvl 1 and lvl 2, and maybe help them cap out, but our major role is to keep Vindictus alive and have more people play and to have the game be very well known.

    Interesting facts about Veteran:
    This guild was created by shizukaa, my girlfriend who I met through Vindictus. I've know shizukaa for almost a year now since the beginning of the Halloween of last year all thanks to Vindictus. She has been so sweet and kind to help me with crafting and raids. One day I decide to meet up with her although she lived so far away in Australia and I was in West NA that did not stop me from seeing her. At first it turned out to be a Vindictus meet-up, but it turn out we were soul mates. Since then our relationship has grown just as our guild. My meet-up was not the only one that happened throughout Vindictus. We had several members who were willing to meet up and ever since then we been pretty close all thank to Vindictus. We will continue to support and play Vindictus, please do your best to make the game better for everyone to enjoy and keep it running for years to come. Thank you Nexon.

    My girlfriend and I, one day soon to be my wife




    and our Veteran family