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  • Update v2.54 Evie's new ugly face

    Not sure if there is something like a legal likeness lawsuit(and definitely not 10 years after the game launched). That's why the whole deepfake thing is such a big problem. So I have no idea why they did this.

    Also about the whole "which face is more pretty" discussion (here and in Kr), I don't care. For me this isn't about which face is most beautiful. I've been logging in and been greeted by the same character for 8 years, so for me this is about not suddenly seeing a stranger where my Evie is supposed to be.

    The whole Fiona (& appearantly Lann too) story is making even worse because it just shows they are unlikely to listen to the players.

    For now I guess I'll stop playing for the first time since beta and keep an hopefull eye on the forum&homepage
  • Update v2.54 Evie's new ugly face

    Been praying for months that this wouldn't be implemented. Logged in to see what the damage was, got nauseous and logged out.

    Why did they think it was ok to just change the face of a character we've been playing with for 8 years now?

    As a Vindictus addict this is beyond the point of depressing and insulting.

    I know there are gonna be some people who are gonna try to minimize this, but I've been playing with Evie for 8 years at 5-7 days a week. For her to suddenly turn into a different person is ...
  • [Notice & Event] Destruction Safeguard Rune

    Was gonna ask it here but looked in-game and saw my answer, but for ppl who don't have a +14 item(yet):
    GMViewty wrote: »
    - Enhancement level decrease is prevented when attempting to enhance +10 to +14 items during the event period.
    Means that it also works when trying to enhance a +14 to +15. Confirmed myself by failing a bunch of times :D :'(

    Anyways, when trying to upgrade you should get a popup that says "If enhancement fails, .... However, because of the Farewell Destruction Safeguard Rune Event effect, the item's enhancement level will not decrease."
    If you see ^ you should be safe.

    [GM] Viewty
  • [Teaser] Winter update: New boss & weapon

    LoLoBooty wrote: »
    BTW your spoiler tag is broken. @drustan

    Hmh I can click the link but anyways I'll try again with the entire image (kinda wonky cause it doesn't show up in preview)

    Btw it says that the story of season 3 will be updated with epilogue episodes in November

    P.S. would love to post the 'google translate' translations but I can't log in on the forum on my smartphone for some reason, so sorry :p