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  • would you ever whale?


    So your rationale for spending crazy amounts of money on a dead game is to extend the life of it, keep it alive until someone else decides to create a game with a better combat system, whenever that may be. Doesn't sound like a very good argument to me. But it's your money, everyone is free to spend it how they wish. Just sounds very foolish to me but then again Vindictus and the pay2win players aka Whales have shown me that you don't need to be very bright or intelligent to have thousands of dollars to waste.

    Don't get me wrong Vindictus' combat system is unmatched compared to any other MMO I've seen so far but when you consider everything else about the game that is nothing but bad, the dwindling playerbase, terrible management of the game, how moneyhungry Nexon is, the way they put money before players (we've been having to put up with laggy Royal Army Raids since it was first released several years ago because they'd rather profit off of the whales and their wallets than upgrade the servers and give us an enjoyable experience with good servers for Royal Army Raids, can't profit off of the whales if they're having to buy new servers right?). This terrible Rise update which caused even more players to leave in flocks, majority of players clearly didn't like the Rise update (yeah sure there was a handful that absolutely loved it but that's the minority, most hated it).

    You have innocent players being banned due to this broken autoban system then when they're unbanned they're told "if you get banned again it will be permanent next time even if it's our mistake". Does this sound fair to you at all? So basically you're throwing your money at what could be the most evil and greediest game company in existence. You're giving money to people who mistreat the community as a whole on a daily basis, they don't have a care in the world about how we feel at all, only thing that matters is your money, this is what you support? You're willing to overlook all the very wrong things going on surrounding this game, the terrible staff running it just because you like the combat.

    It's like saying "oh I'm going to support this charity that is just stealing money from the poor and needy and not even using the donations properly because they have the fanciest advertisements" or whatever other single reason you thought they were a great charity organization when really it's the total opposite.

    You are literally being exploited, wake up. They see how much players, especially the whales like to finally be able to feel special and get attention somewhere, how much they love the vanity, looking flashy so they can feel important in front of others for once in their lives so they lock away the most popular vanity item pieces and sets behind what's called gachaphons where most of the time you're going to end up spending a large chunk of cash to get that set you wanted. As someone very much into studying psychology it's fascinating how Nexon is able to keep a hold on the whales and casuals down to a psychological level holding these vanity items over their heads because they know how much the whales want them so of course you're going to be made to pay up for it. Oh your "luck" was so bad that you still couldn't get that set you wanted? Don't worry just give us $200 and you can get whichever set you want.

    But like I said, people are just in denial or they just have that "out of sight out of mind" mentality which is actually a mirror to how our society is in the real world as well - who cares that prisoners are being treated like animals and being fed "food" that clearly states "not for human consumption", who cares about all these terrible things that are very wrong going on in the world because all that matters is your own happiness and pleasures, if it's not directly affecting you who cares right? Well thankfully Vindictus is a much smaller 'society' and mistreating so many players, neglecting them will only last so long and we're beginning to see the effects of that before our very eyes - server merges because not enough players are left on the individual servers, "Quick Battle" introduced because players couldn't even find parties to raid with in the previous system, party size reduced to 4 from 8 because there's not enough players to be doing 8 man raids everywhere like before, the list goes on but this is Nexon panicking and having to adjust to so many players leaving. All there's really left is the whales and casuals for the most part and the Rise update is fueled by their greed for money so the game was altered completely to appeal to those players and milk those whales and their wallets as much as possible before the game goes down for good.

    Take the change to enhancing - now you can't enhance your weapon after its been restored once. This means you'll end up spending twice the amount of NX and gold to reach that high enhance level you always wanted, a 100% increase in profits for Nexon. More money the whales have to spend on enhance projects.
    You continue to throw money at these people and by doing that you're telling them you're okay with this. You can't give me a good reason why it's fair to have to potentially expend twice the amount of resources to reach the same high enhance levels as before.

    And no, Vindictus isn't some godsend for the hack and slash genre. When hack and slash games are being discussed I rarely ever here Vindictus mentioned. Instead people think of games like Monster Hunter or God of War, I'm sure there's others but its not coming to me right now and I haven't looked into hack and slash games specifically very much. Vindictus seems to cater to a very niche audience, it's just a niche game at this point.

    Vindictus had amazing potential and yes it could've definitely inspired some even more amazing MMOs but sadly the wrong people got their moneygrubbing paws on it and they completely destroyed the game from the bottom up, completely changed what it once was, now the only game left is "let's milk the whales before they quit". No one really knows or cares about Vindictus in general. Almost every single other gamer I try to talk to about Vindictus have never even heard about the game. And Nexon did that themselves, they're responsible for that. You don't advertise the game at all, you don't take care for players like you should and instead shi t on them, you continuously make mistake after mistake and have showed how incompetent you are since the release of the game, you hardly ever even want to speak to players and the community so as a result many players have a deep hatred for you. They might put up with it for a while but eventually they're fed up and leave. And sadly the state of the game will only continue to get worse.

    But do whatever makes you happy. Maybe being a whale and spending thousands on a dead game just to make your character look flashy and feel important while you do those same battles and raids you repeat every single day is what makes you happy. You're spending crazy amounts of cash for what? To repeat that same cycle of battles and/or raids that you do every day? That's it? A game is supposed to be fun and enjoyable not a chore and that sounds like a chore more than anything. Or maybe spending hundreds of dollars just to get that new vanity set that not many others have or just to get it firstmakes you feel special. Then there's the whales that like to spend thousands on getting the highest stats possible and the funny thing is you're going to have to spend thousands again 6 months later or whenever the next level cap increases, all those items you applied attack limit removal to won't be the best anymore, now you need to go spend money on a whole new set again, it's a vicious cycle and Nexon knows exactly what they're doing, this will insure you keep spending. Just remember you're pouring money into a dead game. The overwhelming majority of the cool people, actually mature players, the vets have all left, hardly anyone plays this game anymore. Look on megaphones and what do you see? Nothing but spam and immature kids spamming "REEEEE" like idiots, the millennials that think being stupid is cool.

    I could go on and on but you get the idea, I'll just put it bluntly - being a whale in Vindictus in 2018 is laughable and honestly you actually get very little respect from the respectable humble players in the game, the ones that aren't making fools of themselves on megaphones or other places, the vets that know what's really going on and what's up with Nexon. We know full well that you're being exploited and you're blind to it or maybe you just don't care and don't mind it at all and you continue to spend money on that vanity or to boost your stats to try and impress strangers, people you don't even know or care about you at the end of the day. Humble yourselves, have some respect for yourself, try to be content with what you're able to get without spending crazy amounts of cash supporting one of the worst game companies around. You're giving money to the same people who decided that we deserved less rewards for that golden coin event compared to other regions for some reason. After so many complaints about Nexon NA giving us crumbs when Korea got much better rewards they finally decided to give us what we deserved. This is how little respect Nexon has for its Vindictus players. And you continue to support this. What does that say about you and your character when you condone this behavior.
  • would you ever whale?

    Why would you spend ridiculous amounts of real life money on a dead game?

    East, West and AUS servers were merged not too long ago most likely due to having so little players on each of the individual servers. Safe to say the game is on it's deathbed.

    So why spend all this money on a game that is in serious danger of shutting down at any moment? Multiple servers being merged just to try and salvage what little there's left of the community. You have staff running the game that rarely even bother to speak to you. Countless threads being made asking questions to staff, looking for any response at all and most of it is ignored and goes unanswered unless it has to do with money or threatens Nexon's financial revenue. Better uses for my money out there other than throwing it at people who only care about my wallet at the end of the day.

    And then an entire update ('Rise') that was obviously made to try and milk money out of the whales that are still playing and clueless about what's really going on with the game and others I guess just have spent so much cash on the game already there's no turning back lol While others are just in denial of the state of the game (I was too for a while) and continue to spend money on a lost cause.
  • Really Nexon?! Fix the broken autoban system!

    Sir_Render wrote: »
    You should send tickets in an attempt to get the event items you couldn't get because of this

    Yeah I missed out on my golden time event rewards because of them banning me for no reason, zero evidence to warrant a ban, just them thinking that I POSSIBLY sent someone 306,000 gold (which I didn't)...yes 306,000 not million as stupid as that is of a reason to ban someone. I asked if they would send me the event tems they said no and went on saying they don't give "compensation" for everything. Compensation? All I'm asking is to give me my event rewards you made me miss out on after banning me for no reason and waiting for the unban, nothing more nothing less.

    They have no problem giving all these free event items to the entire server to keep them playing but when they make a mistake like this, ban an innocent player and cause them to not receive their event items they refuse to accept responsibility for their actions and it's the hardest thing in the world to give that player their items they should've gotten. All of a sudden I'm asking for "compensation", like I'm begging for crumbs or begging for random free items for any little thing that goes wrong. No, you removed me from the game yourselves and due to your incompetency you banned the wrong person so you owe the player the event items that everyone else received in the server. Had it not been for you going around banning innocent players I would've received my golden time event items but I didn't even have a chance because of your mistakes Nexon.

    So they wrongfully banned my account and don't care, I couldn't get my golden time event rewards while waiting for their "investigation" to be over and they don't care about that either.
  • Really Nexon?! Fix the broken autoban system!

    (Fairly long but funny) Update: So I was told my account was locked because it was one of the accounts in their investigation of POSSIBLE "illegal RMT (I presume this stands for Real Money Trading) activity".

    So basically my account was banned based off of nothing but SUSPICION that I was involved in "illegal RMT activity" and I was forced to wait for this ridiculous (you'll see why) investigation to be over all the while missing out on my Golden Miri event rewards for 12/9 and 12/10 (AP 10000 Capsule and Special Enhancement Rune).

    Now here's the funny part (again).

    They said they wanted more information about me sending a whopping 306,000 gold to another player LOL

    Just going off of the rate of what the chinese gold botters in channel 1 in-game sell their gold for 306,000 gold is worth less than 50 cents! Lmao.

    I couldn't help but to laugh after I read that. I can't believe a supposed "admin" (this is pathetic and despicable behavior for any truly respectable and responsible admin) really banned me and made me wait a whole week for that. This is what I lost my chance to get my Special Enhancement Rune for?! 306,000 gold? And you aren't even sure if I was supposed to be banned or not (they say it was POSSIBLE that I was involved in this "illegal RMT activity" lol...)???

    So I was banned for a week to wait for this "investigation" (this is a mockery and a joke of an "investigation" as you call it) because Nexon thinks I was out trying to sell 306,000 gold to make a whole 50 CENTS! Because they thought I was so desperate to make 50 cents worth of gold that I would go online on Vindictus, risk my account being banned to get it lol

    50 cents really? After the thousands of dollars in NX I've spent on this game over the years, I'm now having to put up with missing out on valuable event rewards because these imbeciles think I'm so despereate for cash that I would sell 306,000 gold because I needed 50 cents that badly.

    You didn't even bother to step back, do the math (Nexon you do know how to do elementary school math right? Because these actions say otherwise, or are you just that lazy, careless and irresponsible?) and think about how ridiculous that is to accuse someone of selling a measly 306,000 gold for real life money. Why the hell would I even bother selling such a small amount of gold (not even worth 50 cents) to another player?

    And the player they said I sent the gold to I've never even seen ingame or spoken to much less traded or sold anything to them.

    Of course they unbanned me claiming they're giving me "benefit-of-the-doubt" (right...no, you just realized how stupid this was in the first place and you had zero evidence to support your baseless accusations so you wanted to save face and pretend there was a good reason for banning me) and now I missed out on the Special Enhancement Rune I was planning to receive on 12/9 for the Golden Miri event because of their mistakes banning the wrong person or I don't know what they're doing or what they're thinking.

    So basically I was wrongfully banned, removed from the game for a week and missed out on one of the best Golden Miri event rewards because of it and I didn't even get so much as a "sorry" from this "admin team" that did this. What I did get were threats, saying that I will be punished and it can be severe if I do get banned in the future. So now I have to live in fear of being banned any time I send any amount of gold to any other player because Nexon thinks people actually sell gold to other players for 50 cents. What if a friend just wants to borrow some gold from me? Now I have to worry about getting banned for that too? What if I'm just giving gold to a newbie that needs help to buy a new weapon or doesn't have enough gold left to pay these ludicrous repair fees? What if I sent some gold to another player to cover their ridiculous mail "taxes" you decided to implement in the game?

    You didn't even take any of these and several other scenarios into consideration before running off banning people did you? This is what happens when you have people running a game that don't even play the game in the first place.

    This is why you get so much hate and negative feedback from players. You do it yourselves, you ask for it Nexon. You ban players based off of nothing but suspicion, you aren't even 100% sure if the player should be banned or not ("oh we think it's possible you did something wrong so we banned you"), you're actually banning players with little to no evidence of them doing anything wrong, you ban players first THEN you investigate? Lol isn't it supposed to be the other way around? But not with Nexon, they ban first then make you wait for their "investigation" to be over and figure out if the ban was just or not. Because who cares about our valuable time you're wasting right? How many other innocent players have you wrongfully banned I wonder, how many other players have you banned just for sending gold? And what's even worse is they banned me thinking I sent 306,000 gold to another player and I've never even heard of that other player. I wonder how many other innocent players you did this to, banning them just for sending gold or your broken, buggy systems telling you the player sent gold to someone when they didn't but you ban them anyway. Imagine all the newer players that might not even know how to use the ticket system to address the issue of being wrongfully banned like this, all those players that barely even use the forums if at all then all of a sudden they're banned...for nothing.
    Do you just have some monthly quota of how many players you need to ban so you go banning innocent players as well to get that ban count up or something?

    Is this what you really think it means to run a successful game? By relentlessly mistreating your players like this? By ruthlessly banning innocent players then only getting the full story after the fact? Then you find out you made a mistake and zero remorse or compassion is shown. No, this is how you systematically destroy a game.

    It's all about Nexon and their money, that's how its always been, it's just a lot more obvious now and I'm done being in denial, I know a lot of other (especially veteran) players can relate. We try to look over the fact that the game is dying and how terrible management of it is and how players are treated because we know Vindictus is (or used to be) a great game and it has so much potential.

    Let this be a lesson for all players new and old reading this, that these are the kinds of people that are (unfortunately) running this game. Their "investigations" involve banning the wrong people, not even having any evidence of what they're accusing the player of in the first place, their autoban systems are HIGHLY inaccurate (take here how I was banned for no good reason then had to go get unbanned), banning innocent players like myself causing us to miss out on events and play time then they don't even have the decency to apologize for their mistakes and accept responsibility for their wrongdoings, these are the people you're giving your hard earned money to (for those who purchase NX). Learn from my experience, this is how the most loyal players to the game are treated (been playing since beta 10-12+ hours a day most of the time, 7 years and counting, when barely anyone even knew about this game)

    As always, great job Nexon, you seem to be dead set on burning this game to the ground and you're well on your way to reaching that goal. It sucks but sadly sometimes we get cases like this where the game is great but management of it is mediocre.

    So look out guys, there is a very real chance that you may get randomly banned with Nexon telling you you were selling 300,000 gold (lol) to players you've never even heard of. You risk being banned just for sending gold to a friend or a guildie that might need help or for whatever reason it might be because Nexon thinks sending gold to others means you're selling it for real money, even if it's just 300,000 gold.
  • Really Nexon?! Fix the broken autoban system!

    @ColonelPanic @Ehgess

    So my ISP just got done doing some work on the network in my area and after that I had to restart my internet and computer. Once my internet and computer was back up I went to log into the game and I was greeted with this message.


    Really Nexon?! You just had to make me deal with this buggy broken autoban system THE DAY BEFORE golden time events begin! I've seen other players complaining about being wrongfully banned by this "cheatban" system, waiting days and days to get help and get unbanned, never thought it would happen to me but...it happened. If you know your autoban system is broken and riddled with bugs that you can't fix why do you continue to use it and put players at risk of being wrongfully banned like this? For your amusement?

    Now I'm going to have to create a ticket, wait for help which isn't going to be until next week if I'm lucky and miss out on all my Golden time rewards over the weekend because of your negligence! If you know the autoban system isn't working properly remove it!

    Here is a screenshot of my task manager to show what processes I had running when this happened, I haven't closed out of any programs or applications period.


    Remember I had just restarted my computer before this happened so I had very few other programs running.

    So tell me Nexon, which program is it that you're trying to say is worth a "cheatban"? Paint? Malwarebytes? Avast? Notepad? Because I've always had all of those running while playing the game for years now.

    And the funny part is it says "EU".

    I don't even play on the EU server!

    Just unban me or give me my golden time rewards when you finally do get to it. And remove this broken autoban system you have in place! It's the weekend, I wanted to spend it playing Vindictus but now that won't be happening because you decided to do nothing about a system that has been constantly banning players for no reason.

    What's wrong with you Nexon?!

    P.S: I'm not trying to put you guys down or insult you, this is only meant to be some pretty stern constructive criticism but as you can see I'm very frustrated and angry having to deal with this as anyone in my position might be.