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November 4, 1991
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  • Nexon up for Sale for 9 billion?

    Interesting.. well surely the new buyer will look to close the older games with low revenue ... cough cough hehehe
  • Give the +12 90 Weapon & Armor Set for everyone

    Arianthe_ wrote: »
    It's not even about leveling fast anyway. I've been playing the game since 2012 actively, pretty much everyday for a few hours, except for having to quit for a year in 2016. For my case, as I'm not lucky with enhances, drops or anything else, I'm spending a lot of time and money to gear my main character. That's why I can't even find any way to gear up my alts therefore I can't play them in any s3 content. The +12 gear would be my chance to spend some more time on my alts too while playing my main as usual. And eventually it'd increase my login time aswell.

    After today I'll quit the game for a month. And after that if I ever find any will or desire to come back, I will. If not, this will be the story of how I quit the game.

    In fact it would be an excellent opportunity. It is good to encourage returners, but we also give the opportunity to those who played the game to be able to reap the benefits, as it should be.

    The complete armor of 90 +12 will give complete bonus of 1500 AD! Considering the scroll inside, is a strong set but that does not give access to new raids because obviously need acessories. So you still need time to spent in game.

    I agree with OT to formally advance a proposal to "redeem" the bonus equipment for all players with an event over a period of time. At least those who played constantly will be rewarded.

    (I would not even need the Equip 100 with that set for the moment, however I could play more with my alt and spend some NX in outfits, which would not be bad for NA nexon !! Ps Forum moderator? pls we need support for this! ).
  • cash&time > loyalty

    I do not understand this need to enter this new stats called counterforce. That goes for 2 raid by the way. The problem is that 75 of the counterforce needed to enter are high and represent a nice restriction. I have 3 accessories upped to +10 and are around 40, the problem is that now the upp begin to cost a lot of money and Ap. A beautiful investment of resources that takes time.


    Hello everyone, I'm a fan of computer games and I've tried many in my life.
    Always fantastic to be a developer, because in my mind I always mix ideas on how to improve a game and I would like to be in the development team and be able to discuss :).

    If there is a Korean player that is present here, please copy the post and post it translated into the Korean forum, it would be a great pleasure for me.

    - Increase the number of players in play
    - Offer more interactions between players and prolong the gaming experience by having more players online
    - Increase combact gratification through the re-introduction of combos (10%-15%)
    - Addition of new PVP modes to expand the target of the players
    - Increase the earnings of NEXON

    1) Hugs, kisses and new interactions.

    Analyzing the concept of online rpg, you can well understand that the purpose of the players participating in the game is not just to destroy the monsters,
    but it is to interact with other players, to chat but even to express emotions to your character.
    This is the basis in a successful online game.

    More players interact with each other in the "pause" areas (in our case colhen, rocheste etc.),
    the greater the time spent online, giving the players more entertainment opportunities.

    I was happy with the introduction of new emoticons, but these stop at its character without going any further.

    The addition of hug, kisses (different sex) and handshakes (same sex), would bring benefits to the whole community, offering more fun,
    and guaranteeing the addition of a new target of players for the game.

    A player can send a request in real time to interact with others;
    These can accept or decline through a panel, and according to its class (and sex therefore) there will be different interactions.

    For example, a lann and an evie can kiss each other, two kai shake hands, karok and hurk they greet each other with their fists.

    Since among many classes there is an evident disparity in height (and it is not possible to set the height during the example kiss at 1 - 1) add new interactions,
    for example a karok can take a lynn on his back and carry it around, same thing for hurk and lynn.
    The kiss among the other classes will be available for her. Karok a-hurk can embrace kissing with other female, bending with one leg (or other set scales 1-1).

    In addition, a formal ceremony will be possible to get married (the wedding clothes we already have them) guaranteeing a bonus when the couple play together.

    2) New PVP mode - moba style

    We all know about the success of moba, (dota, league of legend, smile) in terms of both players and revenue.
    My proposal is based on the addition of a new type of pvp, MOBA style.
    If we analyze what we need is already everything in the game; Map editor, Heroes, minor monsters, primary monsters, ability to access upgrades via shop.

    Basically 6 heroes on each side, they must destroy the opponent's bases with the help of the secondary monsters, overcome the buildings (and or bosses) on the central areas of the map, perhaps applying certain stimulants that can be purchased in the shop with special points
    resulting from the killing of monsters.

    it's feasible, just enter it with minor changes in the game and it's done. With the advertising, many new players will enter the game attracted by the excellent playability and the frenetic style of the character in the third person.
    A pvp insertion system will be made available according to your level, not an opponent with 10 levels more than you, to balance. I know that the classes are unbalanced but this is a secondary problem and there is time to correct it.
    In addition these players who enter only for the pvp, can try the pve ensuring the game a not just influx of new arrivals.

    3) PVE compensate - Re-introduction Combo (10 - 15%)

    who played the XE knows how fun the combos were. For those who do not know, basically when you hit an opponent without receiving hiu, (and based on a different number per class), you received a bonus of up to 50% additional damage.

    The problem arose that the bonus was substantial and certain classes benefited more than others.
    I suggest re-introducing the combo system, keeping the combo count in the XE the same with the addition of combos on smash for ALL classes, but keeping the extra damage down, between 10% and 15% (so if you start from 100 arrivals to a maximum of 115), such that there is not one big difference between classes,
    but to keep the fun that the combo system allowed, perhaps rewarding players with strong and poor skills.

    I could go further but I did not want to do a kilometer post. Basically these are my ideas that I would develop to revive vindictus (if i was part of devcat)

    A note for the players;

    On vindictus there will always be the main updates for the pve; these are suggestions that should be extended to the game experience outside the pve, while maintaining a strong link with it.

    The basic objective in fact raises the number of players involved, giving benefits to everyone and extending its existence. [curious data, we have so much pve, that most of the players play the s3, apart from ein lancher)

    Infact these are feasible projects:

    If we think that when a new "boss" is developed it must be created from 0, create the relative animations and AI tested in battle, it should not be difficult to make interactions between the characters, with less development than a main boss.
    The height problems as already mentioned can be solved in various ways.

    Even the new maps for the pvp with its new mode is feasible, and as regards the combo system just change the code.

    My final goal is therefore to offer changes to the game with low production costs by the developers and to give nexon the highest possible earning potential.

    I would be honored if some Korean player published this post in the Korean forum for greater visibility.

    A supporter of vindictus,
    Thank you
  • New Forums

    Yea this new Forum is AWESOME!! I love the dark background and white letters .. Great work! :)