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  • Glorious Crystal Coupon Amount

    Saphree wrote: »
    I dropped $100 and didn't get a single set or wings or really anything aside from dyes

    #worth! thanks for supporting the game to keep releasing these kinds of gachas <3

    The actual funny part is you people (who don't even play the game, just complain) keep fantasizing about the game being dead, it doesn't make enough money, and every-time a sale comes along and people spend money, you call those people stupid for supporting the game.
    Just proves my point of you 3-4 shtposters are just salty ex-players, who can't move on :(

    Relax, we can spend the money on our own, don't need your financial ''advice''.

    But yeah, otherwise just keep posting? We need our daily dose of cringe and laughter.
    You're welcome my young child, I've moved on a long time ago, sold my accounts for some nice pocket money, Good luck getting a glitchy outfit! I hope that will make you satisfied with the game, fashiondictus afterall, nothing else the game offers nowadays
  • Glorious Crystal Coupon Amount

    and the funny part is, people are stupid enough to buy 400dollar+ worth of gachas for a dead game
  • We can change Vin's fate!

    Kurs wrote: »
    Sometimes I get the feeling that the current cultures changed in a way where we all feel so entitled and have such an adversity to change that when there's something we "don't like" we start failing to see the good that's still there and only focus on the bad. Sometimes it feels to me that it's turning gaming into something else other than fun. If you can't find fun in Vindi at least don't ruin it for us people who still do find fun in it and stop trying to scare away potential players who could possibly find fun in Vindi as well with all your negativity. Come on people

    You're just oblivious to the real world and living in a wonderland, do you really think someone will start playing this sh1t game when there are so many on the market, no one new is gonna start spending hundreds of dollars and countless of hours on a game with 200concurrent players.

    If you really care about vindictus and not just the time you spent on the game, you'd be for the idea, of trashing this vindictus and releasing Vindictus 2 with upgraded engine, graphics, gameplay. That would bring new life to the game. It won't for this sad excuse of a game, it's been dropped, and I can't belive you haven't noticed it, I mean just by the lack of events/patch notes should be a clear red sign by now. But hey keep enjoying your "fun", that's why we accept diversitiy nowadays when most are straight up mental issues.
  • When was the last time we had a Real PVP Event?

    Goatanks wrote: »
    Yeah I know; these servers are so unstable. There's very little hope and it's actually really sad

    lol KR's not good at PvP? Since when? Seems like they always try to dominate a majority of the competitive gaming market if not all of it. LOL and Tekken are just a few examples.

    Ya know, Dragon Nest was probably one of their best games. I think they made the right choice by giving it a better home instead of just letting the entire game die. Not sure if the same will happen to Vindictus; we will just have to wait and see.

    Sometimes, I just wished that we had a Company or Community Manager that never got offended by Toxic Players, Rude Comments, or Harsh Criticism. You're in the business to produce video games, what did you really expect? Gamers talk crap all the time to each other. Do you really think they're gonna be nice, positive, and professional when they talk to customer service or other members of the company?

    Y'all gotta have thick skin around us. I would love to see a Community Manager retaliate and throw insults back at us; that would be freakin hilarious. They would earn a lot of respect because that takes a lot of balls to risk your own job just to talk back and light us up. If they can do that, then it shows that they wouldn't back down or be scared to fight for the players, even when it causes conflicts with the higher ups.

    Worst case scenario, sure you lose a job (we've all been there), but at least you would know that you tried to do the right thing. And if the company doesn't see it that way; you're much better off somewhere else where others will appreciate your integrity and talents.

    Thanks for your reading my post; I really appreciate your honest feedback.

    Koreans are good regarding RTS and mobas, but regarding FPS and MMO PvP, they are a joke. Not so long ago, "the best korean csgo team" joined an international tournament, they kept losing so hard, that they got embarassed about their performance, which was like a midtier player going against a grandmaster in
    Starcraft 2. It all depends on what's popular in korea. But they've never been good regarding MMO's or FPS, as they are carebares, like most of vindictus playerbase.

    When PvE in vindictus is so easy, the high end PVE players(5000h) join PVP and fight someone who spent more than 5k hours in PvP instead , and loses 10times in a row. They suddenly feel their ego crushed, and decide to call PvP in vindictus broken and unplayable. Sure it's not perfect, but it's far from broken and unplayable specially when the PvP audience put up unspoken rules to make it more enjoyable.

    Good dream about the CM being fun, they are such SJWs mate, trust me, I've been PvPing them on forums for quite the while. I can assume it as I won, as they left, and I can say things like d1ck c0cksucker, pieceofshitcuntdickfacewithdiareeha without them feeling violated by words.

    What would save the PvP scene and give an insentive to play pvp even when you hate it, and eventually learn it properly. WOULD BE THE MOTHERFUCKNG TOURNAMENT THAT THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO RELEASE 2 YEARS AGO, I heard about it and started playing again, then left the game for good when I found out it won't ever come. It even had balanced stats to make it more fair. Such a flop.... Or just make no limit on seals and make artifacts tradeable and enhanceable and get 1-10% better artifact or something, and make it hard as a +15. That would invest people into PVP.

    More than 10 people in arena = unbearable lags, if only nexon/devcat had the insentive to upgrade the engine from source, which is made in 2004.... I mean 2004.... cmon... Massive pvp sounds fun sure, but would not work unless the basics of PvP got reworked, such as 5s immunity from cc after first cc, otherwise it would be a massive orgy with everyone staggering 24/7.

    All who loved and enjoyed PvP made suggestions since the beggining, but we don't speak korean so fk us, hence why PvP barely exists now, should change arena/FM to tradecity / Bazaar. as that's what its used for nowadays.

    p.s. i am pretty intoxicated and on the beach so I am probably talking out of my ass
  • Twenty missions a day to get Guild Certificates?

    Why are you people mad? You've been given chores to do, shoo shoo, go ahead and do them, then again everyday until the game shuts down, shoo shoo!

    Same thing the game offered ever since launch, nothing new, you should be used to the daily chores by now!