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  • Nexon KR fined by Korean FTC over gacha scheme

    A thread with over 2k views; maybe 50 unique people visited once or twice, rest of the views are likely made by the ones **** posting and getting more and more triggered. A moment of silence for brevity and not repeating the same ideas in every post. Ok, back to the cringe.
  • Unbind potions prices has skyrocketed

    Unbinds shouldn't even exist on one's account, it's like paying the government a tax for moving your furniture around the house and whenever you gift your clothes to your younger siblings. Greedy bishes.
  • Memorial Temple - A thousand of questions for dev.

    Combat is still enjoyable, although i preferred XE server. No tab targeting, no pressing 123456789 to spam skills and then wait for cool-downs to finish... these aren't as interactive as the freer combat we have in Vindictus. I play mostly one class which i thoroughly enjoy, but there are other interesting characters and somewhat unique.

    Fashion is the other strong point, you have a diverse array of options in gear, outfits, cosmetics. Visually they range from bad to great but clipping is often an issue. Customization is always appreciated and Vindictus offers the best I've seen.

    For nostalgia or for fun, i enjoy doing dragons, Niflheim, Eochaid, Glas and a few other bosses. Although recycling is a thing, there are many interesting boss concepts and eye candy in the game. Lastly, there's been one great constant since the release, the music, namely the boss themes are memorable and i'll listen to them long after the game will be shut down.

    I acknowledge you put some work in it. With that out of the way, i'd rather see the game die out completely before your changes can materialize.

    Roleplay is fine... if you open a new server for roleplayers! It brings to the table too many questions and in the end it only benefits a few while making it awkward for the majority. Who pays for the wedding and the rings, will it be gold or nx? who proposes? why not same-sex or interspecies (miri is part human?!) what about Lynn who's 16? or what about people who want to forget about couple life (either a bad one or lack thereof). And in my book, what's worse is that you want the devs to profit from this... it's like having to pay extra to see the boobs jiggle. Or play nude, where does the entertainment stop? Why not new dungeons, events, outfits, 3rd weapons, weapon skins, challenges, a new and improved labyrinth etc. Stuff with more weight and practicality.

    If you want real changes, check boards, youtube video commentaries and their comment section and you will see there a few legitimate complaints. Peer to peer hosting, enchant/enhancement system in this game is atrocious, ip-locked regions, grindfest (and RNG), bad optimization, content is released too slowly, pay-to-progress. If pvp were a thing, game would be quickly labeled as p2w.

    No mention of server migration, Rise update and how to counter them... they killed the game in the west. You may have played many games but obviously you haven't played much Vindictus.
  • Thoughts on Miri's 2nd Weapon?

    Jeyem wrote: »
    A spell that self destructs the class, alongside Delia, Lynn, Sylas and Arisha.

    Easier to self-destruct yourself, unlike the classes you will not be missed.