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  • List of all +16 Armor / Weapon holders

    TakeAShot wrote: »
    Hi! Juri here. I wish to respectfully ask you to remove my name on there. Thank you!

    This is public information.You are still in the rankings..
  • +13 STONES?

    X1Guts1X wrote: »
    As said here, you have 2 options:
    1) Go straight for the +13 stone 1st time around. This is a really good deal. A good +13 lvl 90 is decent and will last for a while. This is what I have done with 3 characters I enjoy playing.
    2) Go to +12 using stones, then use SafeGuard Runes to go for +14 or greater. If you get setback, use another stone to reset to +12. If you get to 0 unbinds yolo the weapon to get back half the resources and try again.

    My suggestion is to make a +13 for all character you enjoy playing, then when you have decided on a main go back to that character and use option 2) to attempt a +14. Keep in mind all parts of armor/wepaons MUST be OJ in order to go past +12. (+12 is the cap if any part is purple).

    With aes sidhe/arkana/balor coming up I don't think investing in a +14 lvl90 is a good idea.You still need to reach ridiculous amounts of ATT to cap these bosses.The huge ATK and crit from dulla weapons will soon outshine the additional damage from high enhanced lvl90s.Don't forget that add dmg scales with your atk and boss' defense so having tremendous amounts of AD and low ATK will be a waste
  • is this game dying?

    Bowtacojr wrote: »

    And making these threads is a self fulfilling prophecy, talk about how dead a game is and eventually all the people that still would have come back will believe you and stop coming back, even if the game wouldn't have died.

    These questions always appear when players come back to an old game after a long time.The problem is the idiots who keep preaching that the game is dead just because THEY want to see it dead
  • January 11th Scheduled Game Update

    Australia gonna have to time-travel for this update
  • Hooking in Abomination

    Madcobra wrote: »
    I never hook . With me 4700add and my partner over 4 k add even if rest team is low damage and they dont want hook abomination doesnt last long . Just raid like others

    And then nobody hooks full-armor abomination and the raid takes 15 minutes.That pride served you real well