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  • where to start

    lol Risha is toal hell for new player - there should be red warning, need to play vindi for years... lol
    i hit hard wall with soloing all those raids at 67-70, most frustrating experience - even after many tries, f.e. black hammer or ingkels no progress, managed to do golem, thor, lionetos, titan, but such frustration and nerves!!!

    rerolled to Evie, not at 67 raids yet, but everything is so much easier!

    i have many years experience with action mmos, it has absolute nothing to do with controlling super squishy character with 0,2s iframes (no matter how many she has, but they are too precise too short - and many of them depending on some upkeep or otherwise difficult) - especially learning damn raid boss who by one hit takes 60-70 perc hp on EASY mode
    Evie blink just works as i am used to dodges from another games, i can count on it + hit hit smash and run, if its getting harder, wisps helps soo much. Staffie is also ok, but... spells seem to have too short range, considering they charge so long, which was pretty annoying after time. Frustration washed away.

    Also rerolled to EAST, for main reason, i dont play at EU main time, at all. Need to test more good hosts, to check if i can play this, tho when i partied random people, it was 2-3 bars (i think east coast people, around NY etc, should be 100 ping = 3 bars, and west coast or texas and similar goes up to 180-200 = 2 bars). Even on 2 bars it was just fine - not sure about hard hard endgame and if 8 people raid makes connection worse. Can anyone answer this?

    I was playing BnS since launch on NA, which is considered to be super ping dependant, with 180-200 every hardest endgame up to black tower. Only effect was just 10perc less dps compared to same geared people with same class (at really really hardest raids). So i guess this should be OK????