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  • New balancing update in kr

    @Herusa about bow kai
    a short video for any kais out there curious
  • [Poll] Class Revamp (2017)

    I voted for Bow kai because is he really bad on smaller types of bosses/a lot of his skills are out dated
    ChainLink almost useless unless your fighting a slow small boss
    Eagle Eye it was good before kais revamp, when it hit nothing changed only reason to use it if your in trans just has a sp drain
    Prey dive a lot of the time the hitbox just misses the boss when it does work it does minimal damage since it is the same has when kai came out

    Far has using bows dps optimal on a boss, you should be using Longbow to fire moving normal shots but the problem is it costs 50sp just to use the skill the regens you sp for you to use your other actives and if you do miss its a big negative impact.
    if you do use shortbow you know how slow it is because rapid fire isn't affected by att speed like why?
    worth mentioning when you use bow kais main dps active skill(Mag+rico combo) the rico part auto aims to the ground on smaller bosses.

    Even me with 5300 ad/1000 attlimit I still can not solo neam with bow even playing perfect has I can with good rng on neits.
  • Redeemers: Sea of Reflection (Neamhain)

    ♦ Bow Kai reactions ♦

    Phase 1

    • [CUTSCENE] Introduction
    • Relocation
      stay or go to in the middle and charage a Mag shot(no follow up ricoshot), when he slams his claws down you can hit him with the mag shot.
    • Dive
      almost the same as Relocation but in the middle where the circle is go to the outter edge of it, farthest away from neit and charage a Mag+rico combo(shoot when he slams down)
    • Black Hole
      you have enough time to hit one of his claws with a mag or rico shot before the black hole lands, then just dodge
    • Claw Strike
      go to the back, so your front faceing the claws, you can do what you want here fixed shots/rico shot/mugshot and ofc dodge(dodge grapple if you don't know the timing of the claw)
    • Roar
      My self I always go to the left side, so I will tell you what I do, once on the left and dodged his claw brought down, you can charage 2 Mag+rico combos before his roar is over
    • All-In
      if you go right up to neit him self, you wont get hit and your Arrow Storm will hit 4 times over each hit so 20 in total or you could go to the left or right side, dodge the shockwave and do a mag+rico shot
    • Spikes Strike
      stay in the middle if you have a Arrow Storm and when he brings his spikes down throw it at him, if it is on cooldown, go to the left or right side and do mag+rico combos aiming to his claws, about dodgeing the shockwaves in time you will get used to the timing.

    Phase 2

    • [CUTSCENE] The Goddess Descents
    • The Ring
      if you're close to her just dodge her attack before she goes up and you wont get hit by the purple circle and you could charage a mag+rico combo shot in the circle, if you have some distince you could just stay out of the circle and shoot her from afar(if you got the angle right you can headshot)
    • Tracking projectiles
      about the same^ if your close dodge the projectile and then dodge grapple her slam, if your far away, dodge her projectile but you don't have to worry about her slam after, could charage a mag shot or w.e you want.
    • Dash and Impale
      just be carful if your close to her, be ready to dodge other then that nothing much needs to be said
    • Blink and Impale
      same thing^
    • Defense
      try to not hit her you could charage a mag+rico shot but if you or someone else hits her and she comes for you, just dodge to the left or right but only when shes flying in the air.
    • Turn Sweep
      If your close to her just be ready to dodge
    • Pirouette with Darts
      If you have good timing, you can just dodge under her if not dodge grapple if you need to and also you could get headshot hits while shes flying threw the air
    • Darts with Trident Waves
      same thing^ but be carful of the waves
    • Combo with Waves/Impale
      dodge if you need to and at the end of her combo you can charage a mag+rico combo
    • Full Combo
      nothing really needs to be said, dodge if you need to
    • Combo with AOE
      ^ but be carful of the purple circles its best to have a dodge grapple down
    • [EVENT] Drill
      don't stand right In the middle you will get hit but a little farther back to mag+rico combo
    • March
      charage a mag+rico combo and let it fire at the first claw he slams down, can shoot a fixed shot+dodge each shockwave if you want to, and when the shockwaves are over you could throw a Arrow Storm at his right claw it will hit 8-20 times. When both claws come back to his belly you could stand in the middle and dodge when the timing is right, or just dodge grapple.
    • Neit's Might (Red AOE)
      run to his belly to dodge the red circles and dodge grapple or just a normal dodge to dodge the shockwave.
    • Leaning
      Aim for the spikes neit brings down since you will do x2 more damage to them and throw a Arrow Storm at the claws it will hit x4
    • [EVENT] Neamhain Returns
      go to the left side could do a eagle eye if you wanted since with the angle she drops down you can get most if not all hits headshot
    • [SPECIAL] Wall of Spears / "Gates of Babylon"
      go on the left or right circle stone in the middle of the area as soon as the closest spear passes you dodge+twister kick to the middle
    • [EVENT] Grand slam!
      you can stand in the middle to not get it or just E on neit

    Phase 3

    • [CUTSCENE + EVENT] Extended March
    • Extended Drill
      can shoot the right claw to build sp and go a little closer to neits belly and when neam drops down Arrow Storm+eagle eye you will have enough sp
    • [SPECIAL] Bend the knee (1 hit KO / OHKO)
      Go to the far left side more to a 45 angle the first 3 hits will miss on the 4th hit dodge grapple then run to his belly( not right up close but near)
    • Spin to win / Whirl of Doom
      dodge the shockwave and just don't get close to her spins
    • [CUTSCENE] Ending
      am not the greatest at wording but I wanted to at least try to get a half ass guide with bow kai in neam
  • is the game dead ?

    My Self i would say the population of vindi is about 1/3rd of what it used to be like say in 2014, and making +13 to +15 is hell of a lot harder now, only can boom once/ the rate is pretty much cut in half, +13 is 20% gg
  • Regarding activating full force

    @BladeXAngel Full Force doesn't get affected by Additional damage, it is the same damage everytime as long as your att capped, as for trans skills they get affected by additional damage, sure it can be nice, but the more ad you get the less powerful it gets compared to the rest of your skills, aka Dull Force.