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  • Redeemers: Sea of Reflection (Neamhain)

    ♦ Glaive Lynn reactions ♦

    Sea of Reflection allows Glaive Lynn to reveal her true potential, evading attacks while building up Swift Assassin marks up to Full Bloom, so set this as your ultimate goal.

    Phase 1

    • [CUTSCENE] Introduction
      Rush to the claw on your right, using Killer Dart and your enhanced smashes to begin stacking Swift Assassin marks.
    • Relocation
      Try your best to remain close to him as he moves while continuing to build up Swift Assassin marks.
    • Dive
      Use Little Rat to dodge the claw swing into a Windstep to position yourself near his belly. Continue to stack marks.
    • Black Hole
      If you're using a glaive that has a lengthy reach, you may be able to stack a few marks with Flying Guillotine directly on his belly. However. keep an eye out for the sphere. If you happen to the unlucky target, promptly use Thunderleg to evade it when it's close to contact.
    • Claw Strike
      Use either Little Rat into Windstep or Thunderleg to dodge the incoming shock wave, while continuing to utilize smashes up to Full Bloom.
    • Roar
      Stay under his belly (preferably near his left claw), dodging the incoming shock waves from his claw slam.
    • All-In
      As in "Roar," stay under his belly and dodge incoming shock waves. If you're close enough to his belly, his shock waves will fade away and avoid hitting you. If you have 500 SP (two bars), use Long Armed Devil to easily stick marks.
    • Spikes Strike
      Rush to the side of the arena, linear to where he will strike his claws and ready your Trans Spear. Use the orange indicator that shows where he will strike his claws to decide whether or not you should throw your spear, 3 indicators being the most optimal.

    Phase 2

    • [CUTSCENE] The Goddess Descents
      Try to stay close to the center as the cutscene begins.
    • The Ring
      Use Little Rat into Windstep and continue your attack sequence. Given that you have enough attack speed, you can usually Little Rat > Windstep > Fishtail Pole > LAD.
    • Tracking projectiles
      If you are under Neam when she flies up, stay put and be ready to dodge her strike down. If not, dodge the projectiles first, then dodge her strike.
    • Dash and Impale
      Dodge with Thunderleg and avoid being in front of her, as the explosion will deal damage and grant you a debuff.
    • Blink and Impale
      Dodge with Little Rat > Windstep, otherwise use Thunderleg.
    • Defense
      Immediately stop attacking. If needed, use Thunderleg to get yourself to a safe position.
    • Turn Sweep
      Dodge with Little Rat > Windstep or Thunderleg.
    • Pirouette with Darts
      Use Little Rat > Windstep or Thunderleg to dodge the incoming swings as well as the darts.
    • Darts with Trident Waves
      Use Thunderleg to get out of the darts, and Little Rat > Windstep her Trident Waves.
    • Combo with Waves/Impale
      Dodge with Little Rat but avoid using Windstep, or use Thunderleg. Try to stay in front of Neam to avoid wielding her attacks toward other players.
    • Full Combo
      As above, use Little Rat or Thunderleg to dodge incoming swings.
    • Combo with AOE
      Use Thunderleg to move out of the area. If you happen to be in the orb, use Little Rat to dodge the detonation.
    • [EVENT] Drill
      Position yourself at the center, using Little Rat to dodge the claw strike.
    • March
      Use Thunderleg to dodge oncoming shockwaves and his claw drag.
    • Neit's Might (Red AOE)
      Locate an area where you can use Thunderleg to dodge all 3 attacks. Otherwise, my condolences for your one potion.
    • Leaning
      Go to either claw and dodge oncoming shockwaves. When his striking claw is near his main claw, position yourself near both and use LAD to stack multiple marks.
    • [EVENT] Neamhain Returns
      Avoid being in the center until she descends. Use Trans spear if not on cooldown.
    • [SPECIAL] Wall of Spears / "Gates of Babylon"
      Many variations: my favorite being the Thunderleg > Half-charged Killer Dart. Others include Thunderleg x2, Thunderleg > Iron Monkey > Golden Arm.
      *Will add video soon
    • [EVENT] Grand slam!
      Stand at the point in the middle and use a repair kit if needed. Otherwise, climb on his belly and off after the slam.

    Phase 3

    • [CUTSCENE + EVENT] Extended March
      Use Thunderleg to dodge oncoming shockwaves, then spam L > R on his claw to build SP.
    • Extended Drill
      Use Little Rat/Thunderleg to dodge oncoming shock waves.
    • [SPECIAL] Bend the knee (1 hit KO / OHKO)
      Use Thunderleg to dodge his swings while nearing his belly, but not directly under.
      *Will add video soon
    • Spin to win / Whirl of Doom
      Use Little Rat/Thunderleg to dodge the wave, then use Thunderleg to dodge incoming swings if you are the target.
    • [CUTSCENE] Ending
      Trust me, it's not too bad :p
  • Bang Bang in 12-Man Lakoria

    Correct me if I'm mistaken, but from what I know, detonating your marks with an SP skill won't cancel its attack but rather end it sooner. Either way, it would ideally be better to use Five Finger Death whenever possible as you should save up your SP for Long Armed Devil.