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  • Should we let this game die?

    oh, it's this thread again, hehe

    6-7 years ago, we were all confined to a small area (Colhen), with relatively few dungeons...so the game seemed nicely populated. Now, we are spread out all over the place. we would need probably 20,000 more regular players to fill things up again.

    i dunno, i mean, yes, we need LOTS more new players but...market is filled with stuffs for sale...you list things and they sell...you make a s3 raid boat and it fills quickly. we're still doing ok
  • Memorial Temple - A thousand of questions for dev.

    That ^^^
    Nexon, please put all characters's emotes/dances up for sale. 99 cents each, and i will buy a ton of them lol... my fiona needs karok dance so bad...

    and while i'm dreaming, nexon please let us mix-n-match undies. i don't always want to wear matching bra and panties +fight

    on topic: i've been playing since first release, no game comes close to the action combat of vindi...and no game matches the fashion.
  • Colhen,Malina,Rocheste,Berbhe

    I want to go thru that guarded gate in malina! +fight
    Reminds me of years ago when colhen was the only town, and we would wonder what might be on the other side of that southern gate next to the carriage...and then it opened! and we could run across the fields to rocheste, but the gate there was closed...
  • Pressing ALT to check condition of clothing

    pressing alt to see the condition of your clothes doesn't work any more? or is it just me? +cry
  • is this game dying?

    people have been saying this game is dying for at least five years...but we're still doing fine. more new players would be nice, but oh well.

    if you make a raid boat, it fills up so fast sometimes your friend can't get in...the marketplace is full of stuffs for sale, and when i put things up for sale, they usually sell...announcements in the lower rt corner are always popping up showing what someone got from a gacha box, so money is being spent.

    also, Korea and China are thriving, so they are subsidizing game development for smaller regions like NA, so that helps us...

    finally, imo no other game out there even comes close to the action combat system and the fashion of this game, despite it being over 7 yrs old! <3