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  • How do so many people have high level weapons?

    Buying gold is not allowed lol don't do it not to say you'll get caught since nexon are too clueless to do anything about it unless you actually tell them

    As for how so many people have high enhance weapons, we were all lucky enough to play before they implemented this garbage anti-newbie fatigue point system.
    Reforging is basically failstack system. Each time you fail, you get a very small % success increase until you hit the cap for that enhance level at which point you are guaranteed to succeed.

    You need a rune, 2-3 sacrificial items (main essence and secondary pieces) and damascus steel to reforge which allows you to enhance again after you fail and revive the item with AP.

    It's VERY expensive and honestly going to be a lot harder to do for anyone that wasn't well established in the game before yesterday.
    If you wanna farm money your best bet now is probably gonna be to fire up those alts and farm for intermediate element stones.
    White tyrant's Challenge and Cadet Ceremony for catalysts
    Crom, Enzo, lakiora etc S2 battles. The single map boss fights at the end of each location like anwynn, ship graveyard etc etc.
  • New Voice for Characters

    Can't wait for nexon to ignore this feedback post just like all the others but you have my vote regardless. I want a toggle for the old voices because some of these NA ones make me cringe harder than writing a funny le random XD comparison in here would.
  • hi im new

    hi im new play miri main shes very cute!))) and eira too

    i hope to see all game and in good luck to all........... :)
  • Hide comrade and pets option

    Title says it all. We got an option to hide other players in town that are not guild members/friends. Can we get this extended to pets/comrades and not just in town either. Everywhere. Permanently.

    The chat bubbles are 100% cringe (arcana's in particular) and whoever wrote them should be ashamed of themselves. Luckily, you can disable them but the option that does so also hides everyone elses' chat bubbles which can make you miss important things other people might say.

    They're so loud and noisy compared to regular teammates. Their squeaky toy moans are awful and embarrassing to listen to.

    Their particle effects, attacks and the models themselves teleporting all over the place often blocks sight of the boss, as if it wasn't already such a huge issue with pretty much every humanoid boss amplified ten fold if you have a karok in your party. They also seem to have a pretty bad impact on fps. The game has enough issues with performance already. Nobody needs these crappy pets making things even worse.
  • [Event] The Red Stigma Conqueror

    QuiJinn wrote: »
    yea i agree everyone should earn the Emblem and title..
    i was waiting... and waiting.. and waiting to login.
    at 17:25 i was able to login, to come online adn set up my party asap.
    then on this forum, some people already made premade post and edit it.
    It is not a problem really but the point about this event is, its not like a true Race.
    when we ALL start at the same line... and first at finish is the winner..
    But with this Event.. Nope, now some people had a chance to start 5 min earlier. So its like starting 500 meters ahead of me.
    it doesn't sounds fair.
    Back then at Vindictus Europe we had to clear a battle asap and post the time. someone who posted later, but killed it faster was the winner.
    Of course it is still Pay2Win, people with OP gear always win those events so yea, its very hard to make a fair event.

    Still waiting for a balanced PvP tho.
    anyway, lets hope for the best. cuz i was focussed on one thing: Title: Red Stigma Conqueror

    Don't worry. They'll just pull a Fire-Touched on us and hand out all 3 rewards to everyone who participated anyway.