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  • Vindictus "RISE" Update Patch Notes Translation

    To tell the truth, the update comes with so many good things that we already saw in the clip. But It has some problems too.

    What are bad here:

    1. Removing the animation for drinking potions and repairing. I say its a step backward for an action game. Drink while running takes penalty. Stand and drink right way for the bonus effect. Same as repairing. The game already has its own way to deal with situations. It makes players watch their backs and think what they can do in a battle not a mindless one. And its so right for a battle like Neamhain.

    2. First, I want to say I don't dislike the +20 enhancement system. Its just sooner or later, back when I was from Eu server, someone already found +16, +17 enhancement after +15, that at this time people said its "dead code". But i know one day it will come be true.

    So the first problem for +20 is a success rate. Knowing as a player, there is no way I don't want a better weapon If I know I have a chance to get it. Of course with the change of reviving weapon, it prevents players from continuing booming their weapons. But its not a good way to go. People will keep trying and do it. Till they realize all they invest and do is just wasting and got nothing back. What comes will come. Game becomes frustrating, boring etc...

    3. So many years passed, and now suddenly with this update, you add so much ADD Damage to enhancing items. Knowing you still want to make money, but its not the way to go. Getting too much Add Damage just make the game so easy and its called single handy destroy the game. That's not I call about "Enhancing gameplay" but actually "Ruining gameplay".

    4. A painful loop. Waiting for new update, new boss, new char etc.. Kill boss, finish content nothing to do, then wait for another update.

    What We expect or what it should be:

    1. Keep the animation for drinking and repairing.

    2. Increasing the success rate for +16 - +20.

    3. Rework for Add Damage for enhancing items. Less Add Damage for enhancing armor. Less Add Damage and Pure "Damage" from +16- +20. Instead of adding more Damage and Add Damage from +16, I suggest that you add more the movement speed and attack speed to these weapons over +15.

    Why to do this? Because it's what I call "enhancing gameplay for players" not "ruining gameplay for themselves and another ones". Admitting that weapons from +16 must have an advantage but it should make players enjoyable not just melting boss as you put an ice stone under the sunlight.

    For now only 1 item (Werewolf Paw) and several buffs from skills that increase these stats in battle. Also as the end game player, nothing makes you feel enjoyable than watching your character attacking so fast and smooth with their moves.

    4. Setting up a long goal for players and rewarding for the time player spend. You do good with Neamhain why you don't keep doing it. Also You have so good materials but you choose to remove them not rework with them. Instead of removing gauntlet and Labyrinth , merge it with Abyssal arena. Rework these areas, make them fit each level.

    Like For 10-50: you can earn EXP, AP boost; From 60-89: some EXP, AP, Gold; Over 90 : Gold, Rare, Scrolls etc...

    * Create a betting system: With a limited times each week. You can bet some gold before doing a raid like S3:

    E.g. Betting 100k, 300k , 500k gold for increasing 50, 70 ,100 % stats of boss with limited clear time. In exchange you get % bonus gold from your betting gold , also rare , scroll. The more you bet, the more chance you get. Maybe a 100% for rare, scroll for some members of your party with highest bet! Its just an example( Literally a hero mode for S3 but You can choose your own pain). Also everything you add in game, make sure players can get an achievement for the time they spend.