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  • Share your enhance and reforge experience

    Personally, I think the discussion about the cost of Reforge system is totally useless. At least, there are people here show you this is a long road to walk for achieving +15. It's funny when we didn't have the Reforge system, you cried because of rng. When we have the system that can work, you cry about the cost of this system. You say buying a +13 rather than making it by yourself because of ... calculation. But I must say it's so silly, because if people here do this, who else makes +13s let you to buy these. Of course it doesn't work like this.

    Second, as there are more ways to earn steels: Seals shop, Raiding, Onslaught, or even farm gold to buy from MP. Many choices that you can choose. It's your fault that you don't like or don't do the contents that can give you steel, not the system. What I (and others) want to say here, it takes time to do. Not about the cost etc you say above. Simply we know, it will cost us much if the luck is not on us. But we know at the end we can get +15 regardless of RNG.

    Again, crying for special patches for our servers is just silly. Remember the green rune event that KR had with 100 weapon, but we didn't. We didn't have them in past, of course We won't have them now. Making these posts won't help anything, they just makes to argue. As we don't have enough things to argue.
  • New Character - Miul

    Maybe this panda gun, maybe..

  • Vindictus "RISE" Update Patch Notes Translation

    They want to make profit from this we cant do anything. Its hard to make them cancel/revert the +20 system, when they have a plan to add the "special stone" for +15.

    I think most of people are angry about +20 system because the reviving weapon cant be enhanced anymore , plus the success rate for new enhancement levels are too low.

    For me I just hope they will balance the Add Damage, make it less harmful for the game.