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November 30, 1998
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  • (Depot Trading) Trusted Gift Seller List

    My ticket: http://i.imgur.com/YBGpP2d.png
    Their reply: http://i.imgur.com/rxv8vpX.png

    Thus, as a summary to the problem, we aren't anymore on European ground, but American. Unfortunately, the "European server" is just a label and nothing more. Probably, the best thing to do is to be as specific as possible that you are trading NX item gifts and not selling them. Although, the megaphone announcement of gifting NX isn't very liked by the Nexon Staff, they shouldn't have the authority to block people as long as the game's rules are followed. It might sound like total silliness after all these years, but that's it. We adapt, and we survive.

    Regarding LadyFaye, I truly hope that everything will turn around alright and you will have your account restored as it should be.
  • bug with +10-+15 coupon

    Nexon can't introduce too many +11-15 weapons because that would f*ck up the economy, hence the odds are quite small. A lot of the people who have +15 weapons is a result of their lucky enhancement at Fergus.
  • Silent crash after Nexon and devcat logo showed

    1. Make sure no other process is intervening with Vindictus Launcher whatsoever. Also check how the game is acting towards the CPU and Memory within Task Manager.

    2. Go to the File Directory of the game, afterwards into the Bin folder and open config_material.txt. Change the value from "ScreenWindowed" to "1". If it doesn't work, alternatively, delete the file. If you remember doing any change to the settings before exiting the game last time, it might be the problem. Deleting the file will reverse the file when starting the game at its default form. In case it doesn't happen, run "Verify the integrity of game files" within Steam.

    3. Go to the File Directory of the game, open CurrentInfo.txt and modify the date within the file with the one of the present day. Alternatively, delete the file.

    4. The game might have problems with WebCameras, Controllers or other peripheral devices. Try to unplug whatever you don't use. Or in case you own an USB-port mouse, try to change its port.
  • (Depot Trading) Trusted Gift Seller List

    As the last list hasn't given any sign of life since the half of the last year, I guess we can safely assume that it's dead. Thus, I decided to take control over this thread. Hopefully no one has anything against it.

    Check the seller's stats before you intend to buy NX Gifts. So far, the most recent scamming cases we processed, low level sellers (between lv.1 to lv. 30) were involved. You are highly recommended to avoid those sellers and only trust players where you know they spent more than a week of playing time to Vindictus.

    Potential scammers may be:
    Low Level
    Have cryptic names (xXxScammerxXx, dsghrdthdtrg32w54rt4w, DontTrustMe, etc.)
    Have no remarkable equipment
    achieved almost no titles
    show a lack of language

    What you have to do to apply:
    -Tell me the name(s) of you character(s)
    -If you don't apply with your own forum account, please link your account
    -Upload Screen(s) of your NX Gift History
    -Tell me your lvl(s) and guild(s) of your char(s)

    T&C for keeping you on the list:
    -An update is required to your post if you either reach level 90 or 300 titles after some time you have been accepted to be on the list.
    -If you are planning to take a break from the game longer than one month, please announce it in your post as well. When you come back, delete the announcement.
    -If you decide to become gearless, specify it in your post along with the reason. You shall not be permitted on the list if you are gearless for more than 7 days.
    -All the updates and announcements must be made by editing your existing post.
    -It's me the one who decides if you are or not eligible to be on the list. I have the right to modify and delete anyone, anytime if I decide you aren't eligible anymore. I will not lose time arguing with you on this matter. If you want to be eligible, just be suitable for the list fulfilling all of the above conditions.

    Recommend a seller is still possible:
    -Screens of bought items + character window(press C in-game for it)
    -Char- & Alt-Names (if known)
    -Forum name and link (if known)
    -Char LvL (if known)

       IGN | Forum Name | Last known LVL | Last known guild
    Asyi | Solanah | LVL 74 | No Guild
    DurkaDurk | ThreeSixtyNoSkope | LVL 90 | No Guild
    Genkashi | KensinX | LVL 90 | P*rnstars
    IdrialLAdyofLight | Quijin | LVL 90 | BlackTornado
    LadyFaye | LadyFaye | LVL 90 | Phoenix
    Shirobun| ShadowCX | LVL 90 | No Guild
    XThreeSixtyNoSkopeX | ThreeSixtyNoSkope | LVL 90 | BleedingAngels
    Yandu |  Yandu | LVL 90 |  WhySoSerious

    The list will be certainly updated every day at 10 PM Central European Time. It may be updated before and multiple times per day.