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  • Fatigue System - Ideas on ways to recover

    Support for this fatigue system is laughable.

    It's like those who supported the concept of the Coin Boat System back when upon the launch release of Vindictus to the western players saying it was "a good thing" that we were limited on how much we could play unless we were "willing" to pay real money for the purchases of coins in order to continue running missions.

    This is nothing but a law of another country being implemented for the Western playerbase with "money" as a thought process (They Just Want You to Pay Real Money to continue playing. Please let that sink in. It has more to do with that, than with statement of "We're doing it to mitigate the botting" nonsense, and worst off, you have people on here who somehow support such a garbage system.

    Those that weren't around when Vindi first released, it had a massive playerbase (arguably the most hyped and talked about MMO at that time), however due to Devs fierce support of the horrible coin system and the constant negative feedback for it's removal, the playerbase took a nose dive to such a degree that finally when they relented and gave no limitations anymore, they had already lost the majority of the original playerbase by then.

    Vindi would be in a completely different situation (playerbase wise) had they just removed the coin system early after it's release and just simply never had it to begin with.

    So now, here we are again, in another system that will do the pretty much what some of us here remembered back during it's initial release, however, worst yet, in an already highly niched and limited playerbase of the current Vindi, "disguised" as a system that will limit botting/cheating etc...Lmao, we're not gullible.

    Nice Job, the few people whom still frequented this game with me, have now all but unistalled and quit the game since this fatigue system was introduced. I've dealt with the coin system for a short period of time in hopes for a fast change (and even left because I got sick and tired of it), but I won't be around to deal with another concept of it again.

    Unless those in the higher ups can't comprehend how stupid it is to enforce a horrible system to the Western playerbase, and cannot see beyond their own greed, then I'm never returning.

    Truly sad, considering how much I enjoyed this game and played it through so many years of nonsense.

  • The Fatigue System

    This fatigue system is just as much of a garbage system as the "original" boat coin system that they tried to enforce on the Western servers back when Vindictus first came out with the "limitations" on runs while promoting the purchases of coins with real money in order to allow more runs. If anyone was around during that time, they should remember already.

    This forced me to straight up quit Vindi shortly after it's launch, along with a huge portion of the playerbase and I was one of the few who returned only after they finally removed such a horrible system from existence.

    It's laughable that another similar system is now implemented at a time when Vindictus is already struggling to garner new players.

    However, being someone whose been with Vindi since the 2011 date, I can say that if this doesn't get removed, then I'm just going to pack my bags and say bye bye to his game, and for good.

    We don't need a stupid babysitter system limiting us on how much we can or should play, nor should we as Western players be limited to a stupid implementation that was done for other countries and has absolutely no reason to be incorporated for our ver. of Vindictus.

    Just remember, that the Vindictus player system used to be booming when it was first released, and the playerbase demanded the coin system to be removed, and it took the devs far too long before they decided to do that (because even they were trying to justify such a stupid system), and by that time, the playerbase had already taken a nosedive.

    If we the Western Playerbase of Vindictus allow and continue to play under such a system yet again, then shame on us.

    This is nothing more but another repeat of that offense. All I can say is, if you want to kill Vindictus for the Western playerbase, keep this system, and justify that it's a "good thing."

  • Which character is the most visually appealing?

    The Females will win this, let's be honest here. I'm going on record that Asian MMO's have a certain fetish towards the Females in practically any MMO game that they seem to make. Tera is one such example where like practically all of the new classes are female based, while the costumes feel like they cater 80% of the time to females.

    #1. Fiona

    Face wise, she's the most appealing, and "if" you include the body than she doesn't fall off here whatsoever either.

    Unlike the rest of the females (Besides Vella), Fiona looks like an actual fully mature woman physically. Now Vella is obviously the most mature looking woman, however I feel she's more on the far side of extreme, while Fiona is visually is just at the right spot for this.

    Not only that, but Fiona also has a bit of cuteness to go along with her (just look at her dance and smile, it's contagious!) yet also not too the extreme.

    To me, she has the most well blended of traits of having a bit of everything yet all of these subtleties are what makes her stand out.

    Fiona could wear a formal dress and pass off as a bonafide woman, not to mention an office outfit, yet she could still put on something modern, cute, and look like she belonged in the generational group of Evie and Arisha.

    Although, Vella is my favorite character to play, Fiona is hands down the most visually appealing character in the game.

    Afterward I would say it's either between Evie or Arisha.

    I know it may be random...however can I get a playable Asian Male character in this game who doesn't look like he's 13 years old? Yes, I'm talking about you Sylas...