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September 21, 1993
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I don't care.
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Mediocre Kai.
  • Balor Runs

    Can't wait for bow kai 10 hour round because the bosses are small and Hunter's eye is badly implemented on small bosses.
  • First impressions after migration

    My first impressions:

    Performance: Contrary to the statements of almost everyone here, my FPS actually improved to the point that I keep hosting full boats without multiprocessing feature, which didn't work for me on XE server anyway, on max possible detail (apart from 4k resolution, UI becomes small due to my monitor's max resolution) with all the particle effects and physical destructions of terrain. FPS ranges from 45 to 64. Players get about 3-4 blue bars which is always nice to see. I couldn't have achieved such performance on XE server however, I was running boats at minimum settings there, including config changes such as "threads" "8" and so on, most of which didn't work anyway.

    Gameplay: I see people lose their minds over lack of jump, no XE move, and a sprint button. About XE move I couldn't care less, the damage was laughable and health loss on executing such move made the skill redundant, not to mention that Kai players had some trouble using the skill in the first place and struggled with bow aiming animation upon XE move's end (had to dodge to reset animation). Lack of jump does not bother me at all, barely used it on XE anyway because it left me vulnerable during fights. I couldn't see the use for it apart from dodge-attack-jump which made you progress through levels much faster. Shift button does not worry me because I'm Kai, and I have walking speed during aiming anyway, but I see that other characters having massive issues getting used to it. I like this change, it makes positioning yourself harder, as it should be.

    Spicy part.
    Community: Merge greets us with amazing events and lots of free items every day, not to mention the +2 raids and +2 cores but no one bats an eye, and it makes my blood boil even more when I see people complaining about everything in sarcastic manner and I quote "Pfft sure increase enchant rune price but don't carry over the friendlist, figures" - I was close to exploding, considering the fact that all it took to be informed was actually reading the announcements posted on EU site three days before the merge. You should be all glad it's not 8.900 NX as was its original price.
    Of course bugs are there, but instead of complaining, how about sending a ticket? And I quote again "Ticket LOL, won't do GM's job they can't even fix run". And again I imagined myself having very long arms so I could reach out and strangle that person.

    I really like the change, it makes the game fresher, learning how to play characters again is a nice change from stagnation.