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  • What stats cost/effectiveness to focus on?

    - Fury stimulants are a waste and don't go beyong cap you can forget them.
    - Infusions are important but they require quite some time & investisment to get them right so don't bother with them yet.
    - You should stay at 90 BAL at all time, 1 BAL is roughly 1% dps so losing 1 or 5 means losing that much dps (not that accurately but it means your dmg range will vary much more than with 90 BAL resulting in dps loss).
    - Since you're on EU we could further discuss with chat function there and i'll be able to see your full gear setup /w Yupla when you can (it's me).
    - What's your total CF atm ?
  • What stats cost/effectiveness to focus on?

    No, it should be : Add dmg -> Crit -> Spd imo.

    Even though, TS Vella still rely a lot on Spd to be really effective 65 asp seems good for now I guess. My advice would be to try to reach 4-4.5k add dmg then you'll see better % that's sure, rest depends on your skills ofc but on boss such as marject you'll also need crit, I don't have to say on redeemer's it'll be the same story but these are battle aimed for end-game/end-gear user's when they get added to the game.

    I'am no TS vella pro so probably more skilled/TS Vella players would be most helpful, it's just what i'd aim for if I were you. Hope it helped.
  • Title Fire-touched

    Well, IT IS unfair beacause as already stated and said there : The title was deserved to people that CLEAR this mode not ATTEMPTING it only.

    The event description is then confusing and illogical thus people shouldn't have recieved the title for NOT clearing it.

    Secondly, it's not that i'am afraid of trying him or whatever you may "imagine" (I'am confidenti n my skill and you don't know me so better not make false assumptions) there was simply NO parties at all AND the event STATED to CLEAR it to get the title so I didn't bother.

    Finally, WE had absolutely NO notice whatsoever for us to know that an "attmpt" would count for the event towards the nearly end of it at all, so again, it's a fail from Nexon's side.

    So in the end, WE should all get hte title (even now) by simply entering the battle, fail it and get done with it. This way IT IS fair.
  • Title Fire-touched

    I demand compensation !

    It's unfair ! Just give everyone the title, it was not even possible to clear at all anyway NEXON !

    HOW should we known that we had to "TRY" at least once to get it in the end afterall ?!

    Nonsense, I call it ! Then again, give the title, that's all.
  • How do we dodge special attacks from bosses?

    Hello there,

    Well to sum it up RED attacks are meant to be unblockable except if you're using your I-frame skills right.

    So about dullahan's, either use transformation to stay alive, get away and back to damage with dashes or use exquisite stimulants.

    So about Neamhain's, ALL her attacks must be perfect blocked with a small shield (except some that you can Heavy stander) her RED's aren't blockable at all so better use your I-frame (again) or avoid them by walking "spatially" away.

    Hope it helps!