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  • Curious?

    The Fomorian Leader battle (Shakarr fight with 2nd trans) also gives 20 points, at least it did the last time I checked. No idea if they changed it or not.
    "New" Colru raid gives 20 points too, but I guess it's technically a multi-boss battle, so it's covered in the above post.

    You can check the available points for transformation at the bottom part of any transform related skill, so not just the transformation skill itself, but any other active skills listed under the Path tab of the skills menu.
  • [Halloween Event] Mr. Pumpkin spawn locations

    I did 2 [An Interdimensional Invasion] battles on 2 characters, and I met the pumpkin on both runs. It appeared on the second area, at the middle of it.

    That battle has 2 types of 2nd area, and in one of them, most people skip half of it (by opening the "door" at the start on the right side corridor).
    I have not been on that type of 2nd area, only on the other one, so can't say for sure that both of them got the pumpkin spawn or not, but the other one (without the door shortcut) surely has it.
  • Here I've fixed it for ya...

    We will only need 4 battles won for Neam and 50 battles won for Balor to get 100% stats. Full force is still 100 runs, though, if I remember right.
    These changes should only come after 3rd redeemer battle, so a long way until it happens.
    I will still wait it out, cuz doing more than 4 Neam runs is a direct and brutal assault to my sanity.
    You can check this on the discord server, in the "Future Updates" (or something similar) section, at least that's where I saw it.

    But royal update sucks. Why do they think it's a big feat to re-cycle old bosses with higher stats is beyond me, and 90% of the updates are basically just that. Especially with this crappy CF requirement. We so needed more "CF is so hard to get" topics around here.