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  • Upcoming change regarding crafting

    Next brilliant idea:
    Make equipment bind if you enhance them with bound materials.
    And after that, make anything bind if you move it in your own inventory. Yes, we sure need that change for a more challenging gameplay!

    The binding system in Vindi is without a doubt the worst one I ever saw in any game so far.
    It feels like a giant virus with this new patch. Everything that comes into contact with a bound item gets infected with the bound status. Quite a needless and dumb change. Never seen bots selling powders/catalysts or any other materials (or... equipment?) that would warrant this change.
  • Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.

    Kurs wrote: »
    Like I said, if they ask, they'll most likely get answers for and against it, so who do they listen to?
    Who gets elected at voting times? Surely not the people who get close to no votes.
    The "vocal few", how you call them, took the time to write their opinion. Their opinion matters, because they took the time to do so (be it for or against the topic at hand).
    The "silent many" didn't even care enough to voice their opinion, therefore it stands to reason to ignore them, they most probably won't care about the results anyway, or they are with the majority and think "we got this anyway, I won't bother to type another duplicate post", or they could be with the minority and think "ohh well, it's a lost case, so why bother". In all cases, they just didn't care enough, so no reason to cater to them.

    Time to stop that "who will they listen to" argument, because it's just another hilarious excuse that makes no sense.
    In the event that the ratio of for and against it are close to 50-50%, I would agree with you, but that's clearly not the case here.

    And no, "intended way" is not what MMOs are about. Not when it pisses off so many players. The players here are the customers. Make enough decisions that the majority of the players doesn't like, and you are asking for trouble.

    The only thing they need to do is add that voice type toggle option in the settings menu (which they already did in another version, by the way). 5-10 minutes of work depending on how slow they type. I don't even understand why are they discussing this, it's so obvious what they, as a company, should do when all it takes is just a few minutes to make everyone happy. It's like they are asking for more negativity in their résumé.
  • No Xmas Snowballing event? Continuation 2019

    Same old crap. Real events died a long, long time ago.
  • Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.

    I don't care if you are left side or right side, or whatever.
    Your arguments about respect this and that are simply hilarious and misplaced, purely because you read something that isn't there.
    Next time you see a building collapse due to bad design please go there and do some hand claps for those who designed it, because "their effort deserves respect".
    See what I did there?

    And yes, you don't know. But you keep talking about it like you do. And you don't see the many wrongs in that?
    If they tested these voices and thought that a yelling that is 4x longer than my animation is fine, than they clearly did something very wrong.
    I don't spout these out from my bubbles floating around, I am in the game development business myself. You assuming that everything went okay with these voices at the office is just... Lets just say that you look at things differently when you know what's going on behind the curtains, very differently.

    Full of contradictions, that's what I see in your posts, but I won't make a wall of text about it, it's pointless.
    You can try to explain anything with excuses if it makes you feel better, it's your choice. I prefer facts over excuses and assumptions any time of the day.
  • Some Feedback/comparison on Battle voices.

    Kurs wrote: »
    ... if people don't want to listen to what others say and just think the other person is stupid then...
    Sure, act like you are not part of that group you just described. :D
    To be honest, you are the only one debating something here. The others just share their opinions, while YOU try hard to invalidate theirs with your assumptions and idealistic views on employment (which doesn't even hold any ground in the real world).

    You honestly think they tested these voices? When I play lann, I can't hear anything else but 2 types of LOUD yelling. No variety whatsoever, just constant yelling, no mater what I do, it's yelling after yelling after yelling. And they are long, very long. You think it's fun to play like this? Hearing constant, loud yelling for hours while I do my raids? A creative decision? Really? Having to mute the game to be able to play without headache sure is fun. +best

    Ohh, and yes, eira is so grumpy that she smiles in almost every single animation she does. Grumpy all the way!