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May 19, 1990
  • Pre Gold waste before Dullahan ?

    My advice is:
    Farm the chunks in normal battles, people don't care much about stats, I know I don't cause S3 Donegal normal battles are easy.The orange dullahan essences are not that expensive, (except the weapon essence ofc). So just farm the chunks, they drop sometimes when doing daily battle (manus drops often), do S3 raids except dulla for some gold to buy the dulla armor essences and in couple of days you will have the set.
    The price of the armor chunks (orange) is dropping.
  • Hidden cities on Ortel's map

    @StudentofTheGoddess Yes I might be right about Cohlen/Catacombs, it kinda is against that catacombs should be there, even though the map in rocheste board shows they should be. I did some digging in this is what i think.

    - There Similarities and differences between the map in Rocheste and the one on the Battle board. As we know mapping in the past (durring mediaval times) were far from perfect, during that time they did not have the technology to make the maps exact.



    - I did some comparison of areas and areas that are similar in shape/form of the two maps.


    - Or better comparison by numbers.


    - The small castle/city between the two mountain trails (1 and 10) matches Niflhelm as shown in the battle board map.
    - I think there is no doubt about Prairie and Ainle, both board map and rocheste map show the same.
    - Perilous Ruins is also exactly pinpointed just like it was suggested. Both board and Rocheste maps show the same.
    - I really don't think Ben Chenner is where we think, I see no connection, however I haven't compared S3 board map so...I really don't know.
    - Hilder Forest on board map is different than the Rocheste one, however it might be that the board marker is just moved to the left so the are is not blocked.

    Anyway, comparing the shapes and forms of some areas, I came up with this:


    I might be wrong, but for some areas I am sure, for others I agree with StudentOfTheGoddess, I just have doubts about Ben Chenner.

    - But what about the letters and language that is written on the map? Even though its blurred and hard to see, I tried to write it down and look around for Celtic languages that have symbols close to it. The closest ones I could find is Celtiberian, Nordic, but i lean more to Celtiberian. However, trying to translate it is harder than I thought, because first of I am not sure at all if it IS actually Celtiberian. There are atleast 10 more Celtic Languages. But It surely must be some sort of Celtic/Mabinogian language because we know the game is based on the Celtic myths and legends.


    Celtiberian Language:


    Some letters even match letters from the Iberian Language:


    Translating the writing from the map is extremely difficult if possible. I tried to see if I could match the writings with some Celtic languages but it turned out extremely hard for me. If anyone could make out something out of it, I would be happy to listen.
  • Seal Shop is Cancer?

    ''This game sucks, everything is so hard to get, you have to be a no lifer to have end game gear''
    ''This game sucks, everything is so easy to get and cheap, no way to farm''

    See where I am going with this?