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May 7, 1991
  • You f*$&% re-voiced my character?

  • We can change Vin's fate!

    Guys, don't feed the trolls anymore. I like the part where they are concerned about other people's money. Wow.

    Just let them talk to each other and laugh. You want 10 $ little troll? Naaah. I'll give it to Nexon just to spite you. I'll buy some boxes in your honor.

    10$ for Nexon = 1 tear of these troglodytes.
  • Glorious Crystal Coupon Amount


    The actual funny part is you people (who don't even play the game, just complain) keep fantasizing about the game being dead, it doesn't make enough money, and every-time a sale comes along and people spend money, you call those people stupid for supporting the game.
    Just proves my point of you 3-4 shtposters are just salty ex-players, who can't move on :(

    Relax, we can spend the money on our own, don't need your financial ''advice''.

    But yeah, otherwise just keep posting? We need our daily dose of cringe and laughter.
  • KR voices?

    Do it and get banned, but they can't seem to ban bots and goldseller. Oh wait, cause they own the bots/goldsellers to get more money from the players. I know this, as I got banned for saying this sentence a year ago for mentioning that NX gets a cut or owns the gold sellers.

    And then they ban the players buying gold cause that makes sense, we make more money by banning the players.

    Also on Europe server we don't seem to have any problem with bots, all items on the mp seem legit, there were a few a while back but I guess they got banned since there are no more.
    You didn't get banned for just saying that sentence, you get banned for making accusation against them without any factual evidence.

    Every mmo has gold sellers at least all of them that I played, a wave gets banned another comes etc. Are you gonna say all those game companies are running gold farmers and bots? Doesn't make sense at all, they have better means of making their money upfront trust me. That is really sketchy and illegal for any game company to risk such things over a few dollars.

    I feel like this forum increasingly gets more redundant. it's the same bs all day long, most of the people posting negatively are ex-players, salty players.. Like we get it.. you don't play the game anymore it sucks in your opinion. Ok , move on go play another game.. but it seems to me that you have no better things to do than to lurk on these forums, which is frankly sad imo.
    You wont influence the game's development or status, if that is your ultimate fantasy.
  • Twenty missions a day to get Guild Certificates?

    What else are you doing in Vindictus other than raiding, doing missions, farming dailies? Guess you wanted them for doing nothing.

    By doing those you also do your daily/weekly/monthly etc.