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June 26, 1995
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"Why do today what you can do tomorrow?"
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I play all 11 toons =)
  • [Event] Show Off Your Guild

    Below, poster KittenLover89, is NOT a confirmed member of Lion Heart, and is falsely representing the guild by copying my post.

    NA / Lion Heart / 268 / 426,270


    Server: North America [NA]

    Guild Name: Lion Heart
    Guild Channel: 40

    # of Current Guild Members: 268/300

    Amount of Current Guild Points (GP): 426,270/1,000,000 with 24 days of Rank 3 Guild Perks (132,024 Guild Point Value)!

    Hello! I'm Naraxas, the current Guild Master of Lion Heart!
    The previous Guild Master was Trielleh, the Golden Fiona!


    About Me and My History in Vindictus and Lion Heart:
    Nearly 10 years ago, I was playing Mabinogi, another MMORPG title from Nexon/DevCAT, when I received an email for participating in the beta version of Vindictus ("Mabinogi Heroes"). I instantly fell in love with the Vindictus combat system, graphics, and lore; more-so because the lore was a prequel to Mabinogi and the story was told like a visual novel. I still vividly remember 8-man White Tyrant Polar Bear raid; we would go in with our Savage Leather armor, the Lanns would stand back and hit the eye with spears for the break-off, while the Fionas would tank the boss (did Evies even do anything?). Since that time, I have consistently played Vindictus as my primary game; sure I had affairs with other MMOs, but I never left Vindictus.

    A little bit about me, my name is Kamal Makati. I'm currently in the latter half of my education in medicine, only 1.5 more years to go before a paycheck LOL. I play Vindictus, use to play Mabinogi, and play a huge assortment of PlayStation titles when I have time (Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Assassin's Creed, inFamous, etc!). I live by the philosophy that you should find something you truly enjoy outside of the work you enjoy, and for me that's streaming Vindictus!

    I never thought I'd reach this point, celebrating the 9-year Vindictus anniversary while being the Guild Master of one of the largest guilds in North America. I have played all the characters and all the weapon classes, taught many new players on their journey through the game, and advocated that when playing Vindictus, always remember you play for the gameplay, combat, and community... and **** Ferghus. !

    Why Lion Heart is the Guild to be in!
    Lion Heart is a guild that has been around since the dawn of Vindictus, and has gone through many cycles of change. At the very beginning, we were known as the "Fiona Guild" (cause <3 Thunder Thighs), but pretty soon we had people joining from all classes. As one of the oldest guilds that is still active and popular in-game, I'm extremely proud of our members and know that should anyone else wish to join the guild, they will be entering a community of players that truly love the game, are self-less in helping others, and will be continually active until the day Vindictus is taken down (god forbid). We have our own Discord server, Guild channel, and have members from all over the world, from the United States to Canada to Australia! If you're looking for a guild that has members online at any time of day and friends that will go about and beyond to help you learn and play the game, this is the place to be!

    Our Guild Motto: “The pride of a Lion is found within its Heart!”

    Some of Our Biggest Achievements:
    - Developing an amazing Redeemer scheduling system; our Discord server has members from every guild who sign-up and join the scheduled Neamhain/Balor runs since they are conveniently timed and very friendly to learning players!
    - We have many content creators in our guild; ranging from YouTube Videos to live streaming on Twitch, some of the channels include the following: - We've even received prizes from Nexon Korea for being involved with the game! - We have several players that are geared completely, notably Totem the Loving Karok and MomoBelia the Adorable Evie! These players regularly help guildies and other players run end-game content to unlock recipes and enjoy the game!

    Future Goals for Lion Heart
    • Having the first all-guild Redeemer Hell Mode clear for Neamhain and Balor!
    • Continuing to grow into a 290/300 member guild (10 spaces open for guests!)
    • Having the greatest Guild House in the whole realm!
    • Helping the Vindictus community grow through content creation, regardless of whether they join Lion Heart!

    Lion Heart Fun Facts
    • The coolest and baddest Fiona, Trielleh, was the Guild Master prior!
    • If you visit Channel 40, there is a 99% chance you'll be approached by Rakanishu. Becareful! She has a bite!
    • Another nice thing, if you visit Channel 40, you'll be surprised to see the number of Karoks (#dedclass) we have! Special shout-out to Totem for attracting Karoks!
    • Our Guild Admin list includes: Totem, Layfen, Daskaz, Zydratee, Silvent, and UltamateFear!

    We have a super talented artist, Fyurias, who helped make our Chibi Guild Portrait too!

    Below, poster KittenLover89, is NOT a confirmed member of Lion Heart, and is falsely representing the guild by copying my post.
  • East, West and Australian Server Population - POLL

    Can everyone who wanders the forums, even rarely, and see this take a moment to indicate on the poll which server you play actively (more than 3 logins a week)? I just wanted to provide a forum thread which showed a rough estimate of the forum-going player base. #nohatepls

    For those of you on both servers please pick whichever server you play more frequently or are more invested in :).

    For those of you I failed to provide a server option, EU or other wandering forum members, I did so because I wanted to have a NA representative poll :( sorry. (Jk pick whichever you want to have most).

    Let's make it a server-wide effort! Get your friends to take just 2 -mere- minutes to respond here! Tell everyone!!!