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  • Does anyone actually like PVP?

    The only way to be "good" in PvP is to learn the normal patterns that people take and then attack into the areas where they would be rather than where they currently are on the screen. But again, it's just a completely random thing because you are NEVER fighting someone. You are just fighting some ghost of theirs and they are actually never where they appear.

    You might as well roll d20 dice all day and the one with the higher number ones.
    Hurks, crossgun Kai, and Karoks get d20s.
    The rest gets smaller and smaller die from there.

    The "good players" are simply the ones who get lucky winning streaks or who always seem to roll high on average (again, the 3 mentioned classes) and think this completely RNG thing is worth doing so they keep doing it.

    Oh, congrats, over 16000 wins in arena. As if that's supposed to mean something? All it means is he wasted enough time to play over 16000 arena battles.
    It's like saying you have watched over 16000 Sesame Street episodes. The only thing impressive is that you had that much free time to waste.

    For MMORPGs with worthwhile PvP go look at something like Elsword, Dragon Nest, or Blade and Soul.
    Don't even try to lie to yourself that PvP in Vindictus matters beyond seal trading for the artifacts or emblems if you want something extra.


    And for all of what you say above about how there is grab or deflecting Hollow Shot.
    Here's what happens when you see a Vella trying to deflect Hollow Shot.
    You sit there and just auto her with crossgun Kai. Why? Because she's in cross stance and can't do anything else. If she then deflects early you can trigger Hollow Shot at her and hopefully hit some ghost of her. If she doesn't she's in a losing position. There is never a way to force an advantage. You are always playing from behind. That is not a competitive system. It's a stupid system and you should be ashamed that you're defending it beyond anything as a medal gaining system.

    Also as already remarked above. You can land a grab perfectly but no grab will take place. Why? Because as already stated, in PvP, you never fight the person, you're just fighting some laggy ghost of theirs that is leftover from them moving around. It's not PvP. It's Player VS Laggy image on the screen.
  • Does anyone actually like PVP?

    People, the game lags even with 4 players in a raid and you only have to take into account AI movement.

    Now you try and transfer that movement, hit box, and everything to another character and you think it's going to be better somehow?

    The most powerful characters in PvP are those with large aoe attacks that can hit outside of dodge range as well as characters with spammable movement/invincibility.

    This means characters like Karok, Hurk, and xgun Kai are simply ridiculous in PvP.
    If you're playing something else then you better pray.

    You can literally be a screen and a half away from a xgun Kai but his Hollow Shot will still damage you.
    You can literally attack a Hurk all day but he'll just block frame through all of your damage.

    It's stupid, it's a waste of time, and the saddest part is that there are people out there who think PvP is worth something and they play it a lot with their Hurk/Kai thinking they are good at the PvP mode or something when in fact they're just playing a character that is better able to use it.

    You don't ever hear a Vella or Delia saying PvP mode is the greatest. It's always some Hurk or some xgun Kai thinking PvP mode is really good.
    Why? Because from their point of view it is good, they do damage and get kills all the time and they don't die as often because they can spam their defense move. Their attacks hit a large area and will hit players through the lag even when the other player is dodging half a screen away.
    If you're playing sword Vella you have nothing. Cross cut doesn't work, your attacks are really slow by comparison and hit only a really small area, your dodge is not as spammable and doesn't give invincibility the same way Kai's roll or Hurk's impenetrable does. So you literally suck at it.

    You can spend all your time as sword Lann playing PvP and you'll still lose to some xgun Kai rolling back and forth firing Hollow Shot into random areas as the lag just drops damage onto you while you do nothing to him.

    If you don't believe me you can hook up two computers right next to one another.
    Go PvP with both of those computers. Set up a camera, dodge on computer A and watch when the dodge is shown to happen on computer B.
    You are not fighting another player when you play PvP. You are literally chasing and attacking some random ghost image and it is never where they are or doing what they are actually doing. Because of this, large aoe attacks that will buffer through the lag and spammable invincibility moves are OP.

    It's simply not a viable code to be competitively playing PvP on. Morever, the balance of the characters themselves precludes any kind of meaningful gameplay with respect to player skill.

    I used to make posts in here and it was always some player like xgun Kai or some Hurk claiming PvP was really good and was really competitive.
    At that time I had a really well equipped xgun Kai and Hurk myself. I always requested that if they thought they were good at PvP they can play on a sword Vella, we can normalize the the equipment, and then I'll play xgun Kai and we can PvP. Because I don't even play PvP a lot but I'm 100% sure I could've killed them just by spamming dodge and Hollow Shot at a sword Vella while she has to beg lag to do damage to me.

    The chasing ghosts and shadows thing is already apparent in normal PvP gameplay. Sometimes you'll hit a person but no damage will register. Why? Because on their screen when your attack went in they were in invincibility and/or were nowhere near you. So again, things like Hurk that can spam impenetrable around and not ever really be hit, or xgun Kai that can spam dodge around and hit a huge area with Hollow Shot, they are op. Or hopping Evie. etcetc.

    Like... I can't comprehend the stupidity of PvP, and it's so sad that some people think it's a good game mode.
  • Rise - Where did the fun go?

    Americans like easy games so I don't know what the whining is all about.
  • Who's Happy?

    74 people cared enough to come here and vote that they weren't happy.
    That's half of the population on East. +sad
  • Upcoming Proposed Changes to AP Restoration System

    Someone tell me why this is a bad solution.