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  • Thanks Nexon (not sarcastic)

    Planned on making this post for the holidays but
    1. life's been busy af and
    2. we hoped that they would have fixed the forum image problem sooner +mad

    Nexon, as many times as you've disappointed and frustrated us, we wanted to give you a shout out because without you (or at least your games) we wouldn't have been celebrating such a joyous holiday season.

    A long time ago in a game far far away...I met the girl of my dreams. I joined a random Kill Creek map on Combat Arms (our first Nexon game). I was no MLG gamer, but I was annihilating the other team. Then, like always, some nub scrub joined the room and began to ruin my game. After being shot in the face about 10x's in a row, I called them out & trash talking ensued. Somehow we ended up on each others friend list.

    Fast foward a few months: That nub scrub ended up being a girl. I had no idea at first because to be honest most of the "girls" on CA at the time usually made it well known for attention's sake and weren't remotely good. But she was legit in every way. It wasn't long before we realized that we weren't just perfectly matched in skill; we just perfectly matched.

    Fast forward again: Nexon begins advertising its newest game, Vindictus. She asked me to join her in what I thought would just be some lame dress up game (hue). Eventually I gave in, (truthfully only to be with her) and thus LordLotario and LadyLareina of the East Server were born.

    Fast forward one last time: Together in game and in life, we welcomed our first baby last August :) In case anyone on East was wondering where we've been, now you know!

    TL;DR Thanks Nexon for giving us the means to make this happen +best

    May we present...our princess: http://i.imgur.com/P0hq5Jn.jpg
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