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  • Retaining players.

    I'm a returning player - brought several of my whale friends here from Warframe to show them what this game has to offer.

    They REALLY enjoyed the combat - but their concerns were that

    "If we invest 1,000$ into this character - what does this game give to me in return?"
    - High stats
    - Costumes

    "How is the social aspect of the game?"
    - Game has a few core players but maintaining new/returning players that don't pay as much as you might have always proved difficult for this game.
    -Huge time sink + demotivating enhancement system = less player base.

    "I don't want to play by myself and if my non-whale can't play with me, this game it doesn't deserve my money."
    -okay sorry dude :(

    However we have to understand that they need to make $$ some how and this is the route they've chosen.

    Our words mean all to them if we aren't the ones contributing the most/significant portion of the $.

    If you can imagine the statistics for Vindi - It goes like this.

    The low player base puts the financial burden on the whales. You spending 5$ this month and next month is nothing compared to the guy who dropped 500+$ for that rare costume. Even 10 of you wouldn't amount to that much, 100 even. Now you're getting higher and higher into whales:regular player $ ratios.

    I'd wager its 1 whale : 750 regular players in terms of $ spent.

    So, if you want them to do anything to this game to benefit the regular player base - you have to do your part in convincing their investors/whales to hold out on their spending for the game until the game improves for all of us.

    However - this game is so old now. The moment the $$ drops below a $ threshold nexon is more likley to drop the game at this stage in its long lifespan.

  • The One and Only guide you need to learn Delia

    The video goes VERY indepth.

    Credit goes to NackZCalibur, hes the creator of the video. :)