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  • [CheatBan] EU error

    Dealer wrote: »
    I have seen megas saying Trading or Selling (NX) Gifts .

    I don't really look for them though, but if by reading the ad you cannot tell that the person is only selling gifts, then that is a problem.

    You end up banning the whole EU community this way. Why don't you make a serious announcement about it on the website or put it in a notice in the EU server? (That orange text I mean that appears when server shuts down)

    And trust me, I've been an EU player for 5 years if not longer. This has always go like this so its absurd if you start banning people for 'writing in a way' that was the right way before the merge, but is a wrong AFTER the merge.

    I'm not saying you are wrong and that you don't have a point, but I think it is wrong to 'randomly' start banning when the EU community has no idea what they are doing wrong because it was stated earlier in megaphone that it is allowed, but out of nowhere the way they 'say' it, is a problem now.

    tldr; Communicate with the EU server what is allowed or not, and dont randomly change these rules.
  • The RNG of this game is so incredibly enraging.

    YOLO your first r7 scroll. Your runes will be used to protect the armor while putting the 2nd enchant on. I suggest starting with the chest/tunic since most people are good with master ES it makes it the easiest set piece to finish. If you want to keep making a progress I suggest trying to nail the first r7 on all 5 pieces first and then circling back around with runes saved over time.

    Made the most sense here (as I said earlier aswell). Yet nobody will read it while its the best tip ever, because u write with too much text.
  • Vindictus Valentines Ballad Contest -SUBMISSIONS-


    Url: http://i67.tinypic.com/ok8m6s.png

    Server = Europe
    Name = JynXi

    Disclaimer: Hereta image has been taken from here
  • EU Server - When will 'multicore' work again?

    Alot of people can not host anything properly now.

    This results in empty boards, or boats that go with like 4 people or so max.

    I wanna host and play, but I can not host without multicore.

    Yesterday night some gm said he was working on it, so, how well is it going?
  • Change Reset Time for EU

    Oeh, I thought it was 6 AM. Rip.