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November 9, 1993
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  • 2020 Vindictus Pros, Cons, Comments, and Concerns

    I feel like the combat system and character customization are the best attractions to this game. It has a pretty long history and quite a negative one if you experienced what I've experienced as a long-time player. It still somehow gets people to keep playing.
    I feel like most of the stuff that we want, either will eventually come out, or has already come out, or has been ultimately superseded. I really miss doing those long battles like Ship Graveyard, Moonlight Peak, etc. Farming emerald belts, sometimes doing s2 raids just for fun. Those days are over and will never come back, but I think if they made the drops better for normal dungeons like the Donegal maps, that'd be nice. Instead of it being a single boss fight, make it a big map with more bosses like the special guild battles.
    There just isn't much to do in the game anymore except the standard Astera Raids, RAR and Redeemers. I honestly think some of the old school/vintage contents were a staple to keep us grinding all day. I know that a lot of people would say that Raids are better than the long battles, yeah but raids can't be the only thing that we do. There needs to be some alternative for people to match that type of grind and just earn good money in a different way. Donegal maps aren't good enough, they only drop lv95 chunks. A non-raid map that drops Legendary Ores AND Enchant Scrolls, is a suggestion, but anything new and different is fine.
  • Halloween Events!

    That pumpkin carving contest brings back some really good memories, even though I didn't participate in game, I did irl for my younger cousins elementary school. She did most of the work though. And also, the vampire slayer outfit looks cool as heck, would love to see that back at some point.
  • Game feels dead :(

    We have an event right now going on where u collect goddess shards and then there's the mysterious relic box. (And we're barely a month into the summer right now) I think this is the right pace for the game in this day and age. We shouldn't expect every year to get better in here, people look at the events and sales happening if they like it, they play, if not they enjoy life. But I do also wanna say that there should be new outfits in the outfit shop, instead of having to get one from Gacha. I can't afford 400-900mil outfits man... D: