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  • New Voice for Characters

    As a suggestion, it'd be a good idea to implement Dual Audio options for both combat voice and Emote voice. Players may prefer one audio or another, and it's good to give players more options in this regard.
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  • Are guild runs on Quick Battle inconsiderate?

    Yagamin wrote: »
    Some of those were sarcastic comments.

    Holding back at the start and statue spamming is a strategy which increased my win rate from 40% to 60%.

    I have never sat the entire run. Only at the start to allow my team to all get statues.

    That's rich; I remember seeing you in a match where you afk'd for the last 3/4th of the game. Why?



    Nice strats dude.
  • Are guild runs on Quick Battle inconsiderate?

    Yagamin wrote: »

    Actually, the real results should be that the majority of people find it annoying. Considering how the people who find it OK jumped up after a certain person from a certain guild posted (meaning they called on their guild to help vote against).

    Independent of what anyone else thinks, I just think you're stupid.

    Specifically speaking, this thread isn't going to change anything. This "annoying thing" that bothered you enough to make a thread about is going to happen regardless. You honestly wasted your own time, but complain about people wasting your time by simply asking you to politely leave they so can play with their friends.

    Annoying or not, I'm gonna say what others have said a few times in this thread--move on. get over it.

  • Are guild runs on Quick Battle inconsiderate?

    Shame on people for having friends >:(

    I'm sorry that you're so entitled that you expect people to not waste your time 24/7.

    Unfortunately you just wasted your own by making this thread cc:
  • [Event] Show Off Your Guild



    Guild Server

    Why others should join your guild

    We don't actively recruit, but many others would really appreciate the sense of camaraderie that we hold within REKT. We have a lot of fun everyday in chat together, and we make each of our members know that they mean something to us.

    What makes your guild special or stand out
    Despite how hardcore dedicated REKT is to Vindictus, we also have a side to us that just loves stupid fun. There's a strong balance between both of those aspects in REKT, and I feel that is what really makes us special. Outside of vindictus, we have movie nights, horror stream nights, board game nights, and more. Despite what we seem ingame, our biggest mindset is to just enjoy our time together in REKT! We also have a guild tradition where many people in the guild duo with me (Thorns), but it's mostly just for fun and we actively encourage people to get better to do so.

    Alongside that, we don't actively recruit because our guild has a culture that we really care about. We want people to know that if they are selected to be in REKT, they mean something more than just a new guild member. This is so important to us, that we also have our own welcome tradition for every one of our new members! New REKT inductees are always quickly introduced to the unique experience we have here in REKT, and every one of us here is shown to be truly satisfied by being a part of our community! Just look!





    REKT truly is one of a kind. :) BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! We love cultivating our own ingame jokes. For this event, we wanted to take a picture of our guild in a conga line, but it was a mess. Fortunately, we were able to make good fun out of the situation with this:



    With a lot of the stuff that goes on with REKT, our mission is to always have a laugh about it at the end of the day!

    Guild Motto

    "Brutal. Savage. REKT."

    insert meme gif here

    Future Goals
    One of our future goals here in REKT outside of our gameplay and character progression in vindictus is to one day have our very own personal face-to-face guild meetup! We really see each other as family in REKT and we've discussed that we'd love to meet each other in person one day and just have a real bonding session. With our common love and dedication to Vindictus, we've also found many other connections to each other in the guild, and I find this one of the most exciting "goals" for us thus far!

    Other interesting and fun facts about us

    -Our guild actually started off with only two founders primarily using the guild as gold and item storage; those two aren't with us anymore, but we acknowledge our humble beginnings.

    -Vindictus isn't the only MMO we play! We have people in REKT who play BDO, Maplestory 2,Fortnite, League of Legends, and more as well!

    -Our guild was originally comprised of very old Veteran Players who came to respect each other over the years as players even before being a part of REKT. We're essentially a relatively new guild made of very old and experienced players! Of course, we are not exclusive to that criteria for recruitment, but it's a fun fact nonetheless!

    -We watched an ENTIRE comedy anime together called Grand Blue. Live on rabb.it. It was an amazing experience and I wish we could do something like that again soon.

    -This last one is personal, but REKT taught me to be a lot more comfortable with who I am. We have clashing ideas, perspectives, and even values, but being a part of REKT has shown me that's it's important to be honest and passionate, even if sometimes that makes you look bad.
    Criticism and brutal honesty is something we encourage in our guild, because we're all different, and we should appreciate our differences as much as what we have in common...within reason, anyway.

    This is REKT, and Lacari is our spirit animal.

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