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December 17, 1959
  • NEXON = About Guilds...

    Since so many players have not been playing, (https://steamcharts.com/app/212160), <---Yes, Steam, no data on Launcher players)
    Guilds are not getting as many points as they used to. Perhaps the Guild Missions can be adjusted to reflect that? Maybe Fewer bosses needed daily, Fewer raids, or more points for the Daily Guild Missions? Having to cut Guild Skills down Really SUCKS !!!

    Can really make a difference - DOUBLE GUILD POINTS !
  • NEXON, you may have noticed

    that even though many players are most likely able to play more (due to virus concerns) they have chosen Not to. Many who stopped playing when the fatigue restrictions came up have Not returned. Where is the contribution of a 'bail-out' from NEXON? Suspend the fatigue and get Vindictus ALIVE again !!! The daily spins are Not enough of an incentive apparently! Maybe if it was like 10 spins for doing the daily temporal missions? Or just let the fatigue 'take a vacation' during these trying times. Pretty bad/dead game when there is a Long wait to come up with 4 players for a mission, Long wait for RARs, nearly impossible waits for Redeemers to fill! STEAM is hitting records but they are not in Vindictus! Other games are hitting all time highs but again not in Vindictus. This has to be at the all time low in people playing this game?

    I am sure that there are many people who still love this game such as myself. Please think of us - there is not much to do if there aren't others to play with! Solo missions only go so far... (even if people want to title grind etc. the fatigue points are a hindrance!) It is painful to see this game with great story, combat, appearance, game play slowly but surely disappearing. It may not be too late! Please fill the boats!!!
  • Thank You Nexon

    For finally getting rid of the cap on ap - now, Please add more titles to the Vanguard Antiquity Shop!
  • Change to guild crops - surely a mistake right?

    Just harvested, got peppers & an orb - all this for 8 Million a month! Make having a 5 star guild house free from rent if all you are offering in return for the price is this garbage. Yes, house is needed to do the guild battle for titles and possible steel and yes you can use the vending machine & daily fortune but the house is now rather useless!

    *Buying crops to plant ending up with a couple thousand pepper harvests was bad enough!

    Those who did not want to get involved in planting & harvesting should not be receiving the fruits of the harvest! Meanwhile the 'guild' which 'gained' from the harvests get nothing put back into guild storage... It is fine that many want nothing to do with the entire process - but now for them to receive payment for it in their mail is wrong !
  • Please revert harvesting!

    Please have harvested crops put directly into guild storage & return the 2 to the available to plant chest. Random mailings of harvests and self-collection is a poor exchange compared to direct deposit into guild storage! (have to buy/store your own plants?) Who thought this was a good idea? It's not!

    With this move, you are making the guild house even more *useless* - daily fortune & seal vending machine for 8M a month? (yes, you can pay with gp too)

    You should have it when a character logs in they go straight to the guild house and then (if it is to encourage) they can harvest etc.