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  • Thank you RNGesus!

    1. Gratz on the +15, may you enjoy playing the class for as long as the game is alive.

    2. For all the keyboard warriors of toxicity, who jacked this thread and turned it into an argument of "im gonn be a jerk vs ur a jerk vs not a jerk, yada ,yada ,heres why followed by supporting statements" which each poster individually believes to be valid, AND for all the hate spewing players that wanna takes someone's achievement and make them feel worthless about it....dam y'all are a bunch of sorry lifeless wretches.

    To come on this forum and spout 2 pages of hate debate but then be all nonchalant and try to act like you dont care?

    This, this right here is what kills games.

    3. For everyone who wasnt an progressive supporter of game extinction, hope i get to raid with you sometime.
  • Proficiency points in relation to Rec. Prof. Level

    As far as I can remember, yes it will be a different color text, maybe bright red ...?-but you will still be able to craft an item +20 levels above your current proficiency. (if this is for pre-buying mats early so you're ready to craft it later)

    mhmm, and those in bright red can earn you more points per craft. Sometimes 2, sometimes 3....but also sometimes 1.

  • Final Vindictus 7th Anniversary Facing the Book

    Its not rude. Its the truth. Face the book? I don't want any of my friends on FB knowing that i tolerate and accept the abuse that Nexon dishes out! Many of my friends play other games and were actually driven to them by the lack of care, effort, or enthusiasm that Nexon NA showed in Vindictus. They know even better than me how the other regions get better events, better shop items, and an overall better promising game(some of them are sea players). Can't wait to see whats in store for November.

    Here's an idea: if you want FB likes, make the game into something players like! Don't try to buy likes with cheap trinkets the same way Obama bought votes. He had eight years to become a better United States official(i refuse to put the the word President next to his name). Nexon NA - the players have GIVEN you seven years. You're gonna have to EARN the eighth.
  • What is this message?

    Only 20 people playing and still toxicity exists. wow.
  • Server Merge. Lets talk about economy.

    One of the things killing my desire to play is players listing things in the mp like its 2015. As if we have A: the population to support it, or B: the bot-manifested inflation required to excuse it. I just wish they hadnt screwed up this game by allowing the years of massive bot inflation, hackers, gold sellers, etc. I mean, I'm pretty sure i can check channel 1 in Colhen right now and that same gold-seller spam-bot will be there.

    Repeatedly keeping their ears closed to what the players wanted(outfitters) and never putting any real effort into the game(events), ignoring complaint tickets, additionally killed of the player base.