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  • Drop Tables | Rise Update

    LoLoBooty, very useful spreadsheet. Thank you
  • Alternative to the armory?

    TheNewKai wrote: »
    I still don't understand what closing his website down did to affect nexon, literally nothing. Did he realize that the only ones he's inconvienencing is the players? Childish move imo, nexon doesn't give one crap.
    His post on reddit (3 months ago)
    _Shippuu wrote:
    I do want to clarify some points here, just for the sake of it.

    I played on East, and Sanitee played on West. Before the time she got banned, I had talked to her at most twice.

    I reacted the way I did because I had already been hit with a false ban of that type before, so I had known full well how easy it was to be struck by it for trying to help people. That was the third time I had heard of it happening in a very short timeframe, so I decided to call it done with fansites until Nexon gets their **** together.

    I actually even quit for a six month period at one point, and started playing again recently. Only to find out, within weeks of my playing again, that yet another contributive member of the community had been banned for exactly the same nonsense.

    Fansite developers have zero reason to put in gigantic amounts of time, effort, skill, and learning to make things when Nexon will just trample on them at the very first opportunity, complete with having their moderator stooges come out and insult people's intelligence after the fact.

    I'd have actually asked Nexon about fansites again in February, if that Dec 2017 false ban hadn't happened to an EU player (he didn't wish for any kind of uproar, so I won't name).

    Nexon clearly will never change, so our time is better used on things we can do without having to deal with constant paranoia to not get permanently banned for doing it.