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  • Rise - Where did the fun go?

    EnigmaTaro wrote: »
    Maybe people should start using rookie weapon and armors and see how they fare in these battles.

    I haven't tried old contents on new characters to see how boss mechanics got eradicated but haven't geared players been oneshotting and got bored of these s1/s2 bosses even before update? Who even does ekinar if fast ES doesn't drop there? People are claiming as if they even do hero mode s1, when people only run minimal stuff that yields any source of gold.

    Relevant contents are still as hard as they were, and I bet only a few of you here ever thought about soloing neamhain (but that's really gear dependent to finish within one hour). If you really call the game too easy, just downgrade yourself, own weapon ranging from +0 to +10 or higher like I do and calibrate difficulties that way. Players complain all the times instead of finding solutions of their own. Feel free to correct flaws in my argument since I wrote this in a rush.

    I'm currently self-imposing a lower enhanced weapon than my main weapon similar to what you've described, but it doesn't help me want to play the game anymore. Most MMO players enjoy some sense of progression, a self-imposed limit does nothing for this, which brings us what my problem with this game was before RISE, progressing became too easy which left nothing to really do. Self imposing limits is a bandaid that fixes one problem but exasperates another.

    On a side note, with RISE, progressing actually removes joy from the game. Rather than feeling like you're hitting the top of your character's potential, you're now feeling like you're reaching the end of the game's potential when everything becomes a trash mob.
  • I just leveled from 1 to 90 - Rise Update Review

    Glad to hear that season 2 is interesting when playing up from scratch, I have no idea how an update that meant to fix the "most people are quitting at low levels" problem made playing through the low levels worse. Ball dropped.
  • KR Server Patch Notes & More

    VinVin wrote: »
    Ugly Tieve ... Tieve is ugly as hell now.

    Before/After RISE

  • "Rise" update - first impressions

    Dephiy wrote: »
    Is anyone bothered by Tieve's new appearence? I feel like she lacks depth and barely looks human, more like a ghost if anything :(

    I just saw it today, and I completely agree.

  • Rise - Where did the fun go?

    @KayoAemskey Thank you for the entertaining and well informed post on a new players experience immediately before and after RISE.

    I appreciate all the feedback everyone has offered thus far. I just hope this post gets noticed by the right people so things get changed.

    The Korean playerbase from what I understand had a similar reaction as yourself, and they decided to push this update in record time globally instead of making any real changes. The latest patch out there just fixed some bugs and tweaked some drops. Oh, and LESS HP for bosses, I know you love to hear that. LynnCUBE has translations for the notes HERE.

    It pains me to say it, but I believe that this new Mabinogi Heroes/Vindictus is here to stay for awhile...