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  • Fiona Secretly OP?

    You are a prime example of everything that's wrong with NA. Totally delusional and impossible to reason with even when proven wrong.
    No person without mental damage thinks to them self "hey I just leveled this alternate character to 84, let's go on forum and make a long post on what's wrong with this character".

    I've seen guides made by players being level 82, I've seen people say Fiona was nerfed after her huge buffs this past spring, I've seen people saying she's only CA spam, etc. I thought I've seen it all, but no matter how ready I am coming here to see some come out with "Last revamp killed Focal point spam" these forum never cease to amaze me.

    And the only reason cancer like you is spreading around is because no one can call you out on your bullshit, oh no that goes against FUD! We better not offend our special snowflake while he spreads misinformation! "There's no wrong opinion!"
    And to think potential new players come here and read this. Absolutely disgusting.

    "Off the top of my head, amaranth kick's damage multiplier is about 0.5, sword vella's 2nd smash hits for about 0.4 in total I think"
    I'll only answer this, because apparently your head is your a s s , the only reasonable explanation for where stuff your write comes from.
    Amaranth's base multiplier is 0.34 or 0.97 if you count in skill rank multiplier. You don't know what you're say and none if it makes sense.

    If you're having problem clearing mobs with Fiona then that's on you. If you're using a low damage smash without even ranking it up you can't expect to one shot everything. Every single character has useless smashes. With event gear you can easily get 30 speed and clear all vindictus content solo. The character itself isn't too slow, your brain is.

    You've been told you're playing wrong and proven or given a solution, yet like a typical NA player you completely disregard that and go right back to repeating exact same thing. It's not everyone else's fault you can't play, you just suck.
    Look up videos on youtube for how to play.

    And let me say it again; leveling a new character for event does not make you qualified to draw any conclusions and write a completely absurd posts like that.
    Everything you said is wrong and most of the points you make are in reality complete opposite.