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  • List of Staff Evie bugs

    together with the help of a few members on the Vindictus discord i have compiled a list of bugs and issues that have been affecting Staff Evie players for a long time. The issues range from smaller annoyances to losing out on alot of damage during raids. We would love to see alot of these issues investigated and hopefully some of them fixed.
    I have tried my best to elaborate on how these issues affect gameplay and listed steps to reproduce where ever possible. Because the list is rather long, I have created a Trello bug tracking board, which lists these issues in detail:

    I will also continue to provide more info on bugs in form example videos or instructions on reproducing them and encourage the community to do the same if they find new information.

    Have a great day,
  • Synchronizing EU and NA content

    Hello and good day!

    As suggested in the answer of GM Fralucar to my my support ticket, i will share my thoughts in this forum aswell.

    This week i bought the event cashshop items so i could get the Devil Tail box. I was happy to see this item finally being sold, since only the EU version of the game never received it.

    Unfortunately it surprised me to see the box is missing the black version of the Devil Tail. The box describes itself to allow free choice between the colors. The black version exists on the NA server so i had naturally assumed we would finally get it aswell.

    The release of the long missing Devil Tail box was an attempt to synchronize the EU and NA versions of the game, which are almost completely handled equally. This step is appreciated, since it goes in the direction many players want. Although not giving EU the same options as NA for no apparent reason comes as a big surprise, since it keeps the disparity and possibly angers half of the playerbase (EU server in this case).

    Here is a small overview of current differences (known to me) between EU and NA:
    Black Devil Tail - Available on NA, missing on EU aswell as missing in current resale for NA

    Rockstar Outfits - Available on NA, missing on EU

    Oriental Armor - Available on EU, missing on NA

    Likewise there are alot of highly requested cosmetics still missing from the EU and NA versions of the game that we never got the chance to access. Alot of other regions do however, which is frustrating to alot of players.
    This is better described in Furiel's forum post

    I would love if this could reach the developers so they can improve in their way of future updates regarding version exclusives and especially in resolving version differences between EU and NA.