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June 20, 1995
  • Make Vindictus Great Again!

    I agree with most of what op stated in his original post ( I'm sure we played in the same pt here and there ) especially points 1 & 4 because yes i'm an XE nostalgic. I liked 8-man raid, I could meet a lot of players and the random 8 man pt trains back then were much funnier than the random 4 man parties you currently join and instantly leave via QB. And as most ppl I was greatly disappointed by the way Rise made the game heavily gear oriented.
    rondomiza wrote: »
    From solo player perspective changing from 4 to 8 ppl raids without scaling bosses' HP (like it is now after Rise)? Hell No! I dont wanna fight Arkana or Aes for about 50min with an average gear. Dont get me wrong I love my fights last for 15-20min but 50? It is way too long.

    Wasn't it just fine before Rise when raid bosses hp scaled from 1 to 4 players ?. Soloing was relatively fast even with average gear. Most parties clear s3 raids in 2 freaking minutes now. Hell, I even solo regina in less than 3 mins post-rise. Those are no awesome fights anymore.
    rondomiza wrote: »
    I personally don't like "combo mechanic" either, I think it would force people to play as safe as possible to keep their buffs, dodging would be priority, no more risky but rewarding/cool looking moves. Did you see Ein Lacher gold medal vidoes on youtube? Its just so sad looking fights...

    Isn't dodging already a priority in an action game like Vindictus ? Thing is most bosses are barely hurting us that some ppl don't even bother dodging and thus do not even learn proper gameplay with their characters ( You can even see some ppl trans right away to melt bosses down with the new overpowered DK/Paladin ). Back in XE, playing aggressive while maintaining a super low hit count allowed some +12 ppl to roll over some +15 users in raids making gear less relevant than it is now.

    I really wanted to highlight this last part so ppl don't get me wrong replying "But the game is not all about dps" ( yea i'm talking about you there whoever you are, I saw you coming :D ) but understand that the combo system made the game feel less p2w.
  • Can't use Focal Point additional attack with sword


    The additional attack after a focal point is a petal toss, so you need petal toss maxed out too in order to do that

    The focal point spin2win doesn't exist anymore though, you can only do one petal toss after pocal point ( unless you use shield deflection in between )
  • Sword Fiona Solos Thread ! [ Leucosie ] - Retired

    Phaliant wrote: »

    Nice work on Aes! Keep it up! B)

    (Joli coupain!)

    Thxies +yay
  • Hammer vs Sword after rebalance patch?

    I think you should play the weapon you like/enjoy the most :p

    The buffs hammer will get in a near future are definitely good ones, but sword will still remain "better" damage wise ( LS is getting buffed too )
  • Bring back the Combo System

    It wouldn't make sense imo to bring this back if you are not rewarded for not getting hit :/. Rip good old times, when coming in a raid with a +11/12 was just enough to outperform your average +15 user with clean and agressive gameplay :'(