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  • Give the +12 90 Weapon & Armor Set for everyone

    People are actually begging for free gear that is meant to be given out to returners. The gear is **** and not viable for Lvl 95-100 raids.

    So you choose to ignore the active players who have been actively playing and got shafted with this event because they were already lvl 90 and had previous character rewards, and returned prior to this event?

    And we're not begging for anything, all other regions received this retroactively and they didn't need to ask for anything, because it's common sense.
  • Give the +12 90 Weapon & Armor Set for everyone

    It's very disappointing that all other regions received it retroactively in the mail, as to not punish players who have been active before this event.

    What confuses me the most is that, when character growth rewards were implemented, rewards were given retroactively even when they shouldn't have. When +10 90 purple sets were added, we were informed of an event that would give us these in the mailbox if we were not returners. Why change your stance now?

    At this moment, there is nothing stopping many players from quitting for a month, given that they are punished for playing the game actively, while those who have been inactive are rewarded simply for logging in.

    To top that off: the 100% stones and rune to get a +13 90 have been removed, so this has made it much more difficult for a number of players to achieve better stats.

    I hope Nexon reconsiders and provides these sets and it's quite disappointing that we are not eligible for rewards because we have been playing the game actively, as I most certainly you intend.
  • Character Slots For Partholon Vanguard

    Completely agree. It's bad enough that we have access to less slots, forcing you to either have multiple accounts if you want to play all the characters, or pay for slots if you want them all in the same account, but making it so the best buffs are only obtainable if you cash it up for slots makes it even worse. Please scale the rewards to our free slots or give us more slots. EU didn't have the merge, so it's not even possible for us to have abused it.
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  • TIR Coin - cash goodies for everyone

    Completely in favour of this. It would be nice if any staff members had any questions about this system so we could eliminate any worries and doubts about it and provide a better explanation of the entire system so it turns out better than last time.