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  • LANN worst class atm ??

    I am a sword lann main and I think it's fine the way it is. Upon returning 6 months ago and starting from scratch, I've gone a long way to gearing up my lann and it's very enjoyable. The dodge is significantly better as now you are REWARDED with stamina and CRIT buff for slipping past enemy attack. This encourages you to actually face the boss attacks head on and slip past it. It's a challenging class but it's so rewarding when you put the time in to train. So I really disagree with you. You're saying the devs did nothing to really make Lann better, but they really did. This is coming from someone who has played Sword Lann since s1 and returning 6 months ago. There is a huge difference from Sword Lann now to back then.

    This class might just not be for you. If you really love the class then you're willing to spend the time to gear him up. I think the problem is that many people are impatient and want results easy and handed to them on a silver platter. I actually like working hard for my gear. Now, the RNG does suck, but I still try my best to keep moving forwards and it does reward me. If you don't have that kind of tenacity just give it up friend. Vindictus is a tough world. And maining lann is even tougher.
  • [Deleted]

    I don't understand people. You're just trying to give some advice and they all get so offended and whatnot. Nowhere did you say to anyone that they're forced to view your way and follow your rules.
    Personally, I think your post is helpful and a good pointer to new players. I myself have experienced this "addiction" that you mention, which is why I've stopped playing for a bit. I can understand if other people don't mind investing their money into the game it's their business. If they can afford their habits, that's good . But for others out there that need a warning, I can see this post helping with that.
    Also, I appreciate you putting in your time in making this post.