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I hate Nexon America.
  • So everything's back up...but can't start the game

    It's not possible to direct launch anymore?

    Well there goes the ability to play my alt accounts, since I don't run steam or the launcher on those computers (copied from main every patch). Edit: Hell, I can't even play them on my main computer, since Steam only registers to a single account and the only way I could login to another is via direct launch.

    I mean, not like the change to e-mail login didn't significantly impact that anyway. Not only is it significantly slower to login, I don't even know half the e-mails for my alt accounts, and I DON'T EVEN HAVE ACCESS TO TWO OF THEM because the e-mail service shutdown. I haven't been able to update my information on them, and in fact I can't even login to one. They're all old old accounts created over 6 years ago (and my main's been here before Mabinogi's release).

    So yes, I agree with everyone else about how astoundingly stupid this is. The forced nexon launcher and complete banning of the discussion of direct launch significantly hurt the playerbase, and now this change hurts a bunch of the remaining players.

    Why is Nexon making it consistently harder for everyone to play their games? They're not even offering anything beneficial in return; just implementing more cash-grab nonsense in them. It's sickening, aggravating and depressing.
  • Boy I feel really dumb (April Fool title)

    Sylarius wrote: »
    If you send a ticket to support, sometimes they will replace permanent coupons. They did for me once when I went out of town and accidentally let mine expire.
    Not once have they replaced any of my items that have expired, no matter any "excuse" I gave them, no matter the length of time since expiration, no matter how many tickets I made. In fact, they told me I'd be banned from making tickets if I continued.

    The last one that expired, the level 75 jump package, made me quit the game for 9 months.

    Sadly, since coming back their support hasn't changed, at all. I'm right on the fence of quitting, yet again, because of their atrocious customer support. The r8-9 scrolls still blowing up items despite tooltip and them stealth changing the text and refusing to reimburse those impacted by their error is the main cause of this.
  • Some IS Items Questions

    YaoiBoy wrote: »
    Hi, i'm new in Vindictus but i like this game a lot and wanna to spend some money in IS,
    First thing I can tell is to not do so and instead save your money. Play the game without spending anything to know if you're going to like it and stick around for longer than a short while.. and if you're going to stick to playing the character you've chosen.

    When you buy an outfit, it's bound to that character, forever. Half the price of a new AAA game gets you an 'enhanced' outfit with greater stat bonuses (dumb, dumb, dumb) on a single character. Is an expensive outfit for one character with it to you? I don't think so.

    You can buy some cash items from the AP shop, notably temporary inner and hair coupons, but also 2 day VIP which is kinda expensive. You get VIP for leveling though, so no reason to get any at the start.

    Pets are fairly useless, I wouldn't buy one. The most they do is pickup items (gremlins) or mine ore (gnolls). All the rest don't really do anything but temporarily buff you and they just die instantly in boss battles. They also only last 2 hours (combat time) and cease participating in combat if they're hungry. Besides, you can buy one from the market via airtight packages if anyone's selling, no real money involved.

    In fact, you can buy quite a number of cash items from the market; just gotta have quite a bit of gold for some things, and depending on server, wait for people to list them. If only they'd implement the TIR coin system EU had.. would give us folk who don't spend money so much more of an opportunity to be equal with people who do..

    Aside from this; please don't participate in the pay to win nature of the game by buying things like enchant/enhance runes and weapon/armor boxes. It's a co-op game, let other people who have more money than sense do this. And while VVIP is very nice to have (specifically the GG's as an "oops" insurance), you can get it from events (or as mentioned above, the market). Paying the actual cost of VIP/VVIP for a month is not worth it; get a cool permanent outfit instead.
  • Fishing Event Temporarily Unavailable

    Yup patching an old bug that's existed for years in every version is an easy fix. /s

    They couldn't be arsed to do it back then, but suddenly an event where people can get essentially infinite GGs and merc pots and oh no, shut it down and notify the devs ASAP so it can eventually get fixed in a few months!

    That's all they ever cared about; a blow to their income.

    At least do us a favor and remove the items from those who exploited and suspend them. Most of the top-end people (some would call them elitists) I've seen are the ones to do it too (anyone with the outfit/effect exploited), further reinforcing the "rich get richer" shyte that goes on in this game.
  • Scrolls location/Enchant changes.

    Ehgess wrote: »
    Players are still given a warning of possible item destruction prior to the enchant attempts. Therefore, policies regarding item destruction and restoration will not change.
    It's your error misleading people.

    You could do the right thing and be a respectful company and restore the items people lost due to your error.

    Or you can continue to be Nexon America, I guess. I don't know why I even came back..