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  • Fergus need to get fired.

    This has been brought up i bet 100x but do they listen no, all they want is the money that the people spend trying to get that +15 witch in my opinion is a waist best thing to do is save your money and buy one or wait for the events were you hope to get at least a +12 coupon but never happens either. Honestly i don't play no more i just watch forums to see when there is a event then i jump on to claim the coupon then i see its a +10 off till next event but that's just me i got tired of being owned and not going to sink another penny into it either.
  • AP Item Resurrection Requirement Changes

    well if your trying to get rid of what little players you have left your heading in the right direction if your not then this is a huge mistake you guys are sure heading down hill faster and faster with ever update how sad you might as well just close the doors and call it good.
  • Should RNG be Removed from enhancement?

    I dont understand why you dont go ahead and just remove the rng from enhancement i mean you have all ready made so simple to get the other rng items from maps from seal shop that it has pretty much killed the market. You could leave the rng in the maps like it has always been but enough is enough with enhancement its time to let us have a +15 armor and weapon whats there to loose. By doing this i think it would also bring back alot of players that have quit over this problem, gold is hard enough to come by since you put most rares in seal shop for instance most item are under half the price that they used to be even the scrolls are cheap once your new map comes out for scrolls there going to be dirt cheap so please we are begging you to remove the RNG from enhancement so we can get +15 for once to enjoy the game.
  • After 3-4 years, I'm laying down my sword.

    yep this game is a big joke after 6 years there is nothing worth a crap in it, i got all charters to 90 with 90 gear and spent nothing on it, no need to because there is nothing worth spending it on. There events are a joke, the servers are all ways dead and not once do they listen to the community, im with ya on this one. Dont let all these noobs bother you on there dumb comments ether cause they haven't played long enough to know better or there just straight up stupid if there still playing this joke of a game.