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  • Vindictus Avatar Contest [ Submission]

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  • Vindictus Pumpkin Carving Contest [ Winners]

    Going back to the topic at hand, I am not looking for a win here. I am simply wanting judges/gm feedback on what THEY believe I could have done better, and in which criteria was lacking score.

    As previously stated, the assumption was actually spot on. I attempted a hieroglyph style carving for Ancient Lakoria. I do not see why my pumpkin is being targeted here, but it is interesting that there were not more winners, when the winners themselves seem to believe there should have been more winners.

    On a more positive note, I did not let my Lakoria pumpkin rot, in fact it is now a half eaten delicious pumpkin pie~
    I actually attempted to cut my pumpkin up to make into a pie, but oh man. It was not easy. I quickly regretted the idea of making a pumpkin pie out of a fresh pumpkin. It seriously isn't easy to skin a pumpkin and then cut it into chunks. My arms were actually sore the next day. Kudos to you for making a delicious pie out of your pumpkin. I think I'm going to have to stick to canned pumpkin puree for a while.
  • Vindictus Pumpkin Carving Contest [ Winners]

    I just feel like there are too many creative and beautifully executed pumpkins for anyone to feel the need to discredit anyones' entries. Everyone worked hard on it and I feel like many should also be acknowledged for their efforts. Hence, why I suggested honourable mentions. I'm just surprised that there were only 6 spots up for grabs considering how popular this contest was and how the Vindictus community was reacting to the posts(likes and pageviews).

    But I do have to mention.. I took a look at the reference picture and actual entry for Lako and I'm just trying to understand your point of view, but how is Lako cramped on the pumpkin? @_@ Unless the developers made Lako just too "cramped" looking in general?
    If anything, the way I saw it, it was a very nice take style-wise on Lako because he is a hard boss to tackle when carving imo. It seemed he went for more of the hieroglyph/stained glass style creatively.

    Side note: I like the pumpkin you and your wife made MrSith! I thought it was a very creative idea to use different coloured lights to display the different Brahas. I also liked the touch with the nails and antlers (at least i think that's what it's called).
  • Vindictus Pumpkin Carving Contest [ Winners]

    I really liked your pumpkin man.
    Thanks! I liked yours too. It was already amazing when it was blurry, but when you posted the better, clearer photo, ohhh mann. I'd be so mad if you didn't win. Was rooting for you to win even though it was a contest :P
  • Vindictus Pumpkin Carving Contest [ Winners]

    Oh yay thanks! Hard work payed off, haha. It was a really nerve wracking contest with all the amazing entries. So much talent on Vindictus.
    I'm surprised the Succubi and Lako didn't win. The technical and artistic skill used in them were amazing. :o