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  • April Fools Week Events {Mar 29-Apr 5}

    Beware, this Saturday brings forth the first of April, when the internet outlives its usefulness with April Fools Day. With the upcoming day of deception, pranks and major companies having far too much fun for their own good, the Strange Traveler has a special gift for everyone, and we're launching a pair of special week long events to make Vindictus' combat even better!

    Full info here >> http://vindictus.nexon.net/news/21417/april-fools-week-events

  • Forum Features Adjustment

    Hello all,

    Please note we will temporarily disable some features on our forums as part of a general update to our forum software. Unfortunately, this may impact some current screenshot or other contests/giveaways, and we'll post individual updates to each of those in the near future with regard to any extensions or changes. We apologize for any inconvenience.

    Thank you for your understanding.
  • Rep points are fine, but...

    We've launched a handful of other Nexon forums with this new software, and learned a lot over each launch. For instance, we used to have a "Dislike" button, but it became heavily abused and was used more for bullying than anything else. Didn't have an impact on scores, but the internet will be the internet.

    The way we see it, if you're spamming short posts just for post count, that's a violation of the rules, and you may catch a warning, or a suspension if it continues. The same goes for making multiple accounts just to get Likes/Insightfuls, and we'll deal with those folks when it occurs. It's already happened, and we know what to look for. ;)

    We have these systems in place now so that everyone wants to use them, and use them in the intended manner. We believe it adds to the interactions and engagement across the forums as a whole, compared to not having them.
  • Not enough character spaces to use

    Just cut it in half, and put the second half into your first reply.
  • New Forums

    Glad all of you are enjoying the new forums so far. As many of you know, this has been a longer-than-expected journey to get here, since the original forums you all first saw 2 years ago were torn down and rebuilt from the ground up.

    We'll be looking to add more features and fix any bugs over the next few months, including what I know all of you want, your own Avatars. We intentionally put a ton of avatars in to start to help, but it's certainly in the plans to add those soon, we just wanted to get a few others things up and running first.

    I'm just glad I no longer have to F5 on every single thread, and that it's so easy to view on mobile now. :D