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June 8, 1996
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Work hard to achieve great things!
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I love God, French fries, Asian culture, and the color aqua. I LOVE anything spicy, anime, and gaming. (:


  • Ritox2
    +wow whos this cutie, whoever is dating you has to be the luckiest person alive, with someone so precious and loving
    August 24, 2019
    • MizzCurly
      LOL. Surely you jest, sire :^)
      From my point of view, I’m the one whose extremely lucky to be with someone so mushy and kind. The cutest potato out there ^__^!! Thank you for always making me smile being who you are and for making the sun shine brighter when you’re around. I’m glad we’ve had a strong enough bond to be so open with one another. :D I know that for some, honesty, openness, and ESPECIALLY fidelity in a long distance relationship is hard to come by nowadays, so it seems :^).

      I’m beyond lucky to mutually share all 3 with you. I value you so highly as a person in general. You’re so precious to me, I could never imagine doing wrong to the person I love and care for.
    • Ritox2
      (*^-^*)your words are too kind, you're the most precious, sweetest, person out there, im so glad too to be able to share such a strong connection with someone so amazing, I wouldnt dream of spending my days with someone else (❤ ω ❤)
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