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  • SunrisePDI wrote: » @Zatox .... https://forum.nexoneu.com/showthread.php?1552719-Issues-with-Lynn-s-Windstep Funny part is, that it had to happen to other chars in order to get fixed while Lynns reported bugs long ago. No they won't brea…
  • Aibou wrote: » .... Lynn is a pretty poorly mained class Nexon cares more about the others. Game optimisation only cost money. They cannot sell optimisation. Let alone optimising one of the fewest played chars in the game. Bug report? Waste o…
  • Same thing here. "Lynn too easy so better nerf it ... derpxon-logic"
  • 25 25 25 Alu
  • Lahar wrote: » Hurk went from Great Sword to Shotgun. Now you mention it.. That is somewhat similar.
  • Lynn has influences from Shaolin, using the Guandao (Glaive). I hope Lynn will get smth similar, but smth unique. A Giant fan in primary slot. Shuriken in secondary slot. 1. Throw shuriken to apply blue marks, 2. Apply timed smashes with fan to u…
  • Because of a certain difficulty. I also got bored from Fiona which I have since Open Beta era. I love the mechanics of Lynn. It's just not straightforward gameplay. And there are only a few of us Lynns. On the EU server we act like some sort of…
  • SaintGuinness wrote: » I'm at this point of the story but have been avoiding this raid. It seems like my fears have been realized. This doesn't encourage me. LOL. It is hard but doable with the right party. You may have to put more practise ef…
  • Vladino wrote: » Don't have that one dodge that right most of time nao. But beware of invisible circles (evul circles again) during that attack .... Thunderleg or redo rat just to be sure.
  • I also experience trouble with thunderleg and the whirlwind attack. Dealing 5x 2500 damage after succesfull dodge at thunderleg. I somehow thing that the 3 whirlwinds have no velocity for a second when they are spawned from attack. Got any vid t…
  • Mixxia wrote: » Hate running into bugs/poor design on this fight, but some of these are timing errors etc. In "Hate Circles" your dodging the mist, but you do nothing to dodge the swipe before the circle ae. It can be countered by thunderleggi…
  • Tagteaming +fight Evulness outburst.. Release the Vladino-Force! +fight
  • Dem.. so simple and yet so effective.. Gonna try it ^^, a 2nd method for dodging those would be a nice plus in case I get disoriented.
  • Thx Vlad for the vids. I have used some of your vids for Lynn-issues tickets. I see myself play when I look at those vids +joy
  • Maybe somebody already wrote this (I did not read all posts +shy ), One addition to the artifact usage; Cat Statue is not really must have. Lynn is not a straight forward playstyle character, which heads into battle head-first. I think that y…
  • QuiJinn wrote: » I am mainly a staff evie, further I'm well geared with Arisha, Kai and Fiona. But i do experience a lot of issues while playing them. Pro's - Lots yays, Con's - More nays but, - Steam region block for the Netherlands R…
  • Hanuri wrote: » it just takes a bit of practice to get the proper timing don't worry you'll get it eventually True that.. Keep it also in mind, when your ATTK SPD goes up that you may have to get used to it again
  • Vladino wrote: » Nao dance ..... Okay ^^ Deamon-Alu takes over.. Nao die!!
  • Vladino wrote: » Jump Q_Q ... Old archives: Lynns dance party ............... pics and stuff Vladi-chan ... this is the movie from ur screenshot. Credits to Nosco for shooting this vid
  • Lots of Lynn! One EU XE vid from the archives. To unlearn ^_^ Jump will be missed .... All credits to Uvia for the vid. (Sry for a bit offtopic post)