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Why so inactive

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in Lann
Yo why is the Lann subcategory so dead compared the other classes? Someone say something.


  • XieXie
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    edited December 1, 2016


    Just kidding. My guess is that Lann is the oldest character so that almost everything that one wants to know about him had already been asked over past the six years. So there's not really that much to discuss at the moment.
  • BloodAngelBloodAngel
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    Lann pride bois
  • Daggerpaw12Daggerpaw12
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    For me, playing Lann since cbt 1, his playstyle got a bit boring after a while, especially with some of the new bosses having annoyingly high attack speed. High attack speed bosses are annoying for Lann since most of his damage comes at the end of his combos via furies. Also, he hasn't had any real playstyle update in a while, so it can get very dull.
  • NiahselNiahsel
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    lann is the most basic class and has no redeeming qualities outside of lookin' fine and his glides are still pretty fun and his ult is one of the best in the entire game to look at too the star pattern one anyway, wesker teleports for days but other then that i had a feeling if they rebooted the forums lann's would be the most empty because he's so basic not to say people don't play him but the hardcore that still does are the legendary guys who don't talk much