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Help with a decision, please!

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I have a question about what choices I should make for these event prizes: Ancient Title Destiny Box and Max 20+ Accessory Enhancement Swap Coupon Box

I'm a returning player (last time I was properly active was around 2012), I'm still trying to get used to the new end game and learning about gear and stuff. I play a staff Evie, so INT and M.ATT are the stats I need the most of. I'm not even entirely sure what's going to be in these event boxes as options, I didn't want to open them until I knew what I was doing. What prize should I choose when I open these?

Also, my fiancé mains Hurk, so if someone could also tell me what the best prize option for him would be, I'd really appreciate it! :D


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    Hello, first off welcome back to Vindictus. As for your question about the event items and how to gear. Try to go for a budget build: +15 astera weapon, +15 dullahan armor set, +20 Frozen Will and Frozen Desire, +15 devil's crystal, +15 barrier belt, a pair of copper bracelets with the sapphire and emerald slot on them, a Sage's Chaos Book of Succession, and a mysterious cat statue. I hope that helps, if you need more help, just message me either on forums, in-game, discord or whatever.
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    I have not received either of those items for this event yet, so I can't be sure, but I don't believe you have any choice in the item you'll get. The "Max +20" box gives you a coupon to automatically enhance accessories up to a certain level, randomly chosen between 11 and 20. This means that 95% of people get +11 coupons.

    The title boxes usually will just randomly give you an item that lets you gain a title, or you can sell the item on the MP. That at least holds true for the title boxes from the "Warm Welcome" shop the cat at the inn runs. These are old titles that you can't acquire naturally any more, and don't come with any stats. They are only useful for increasing your title count or displaying. In the event that you are actually given a choice of what title you can pick, just pick one you don't have yet.

    While you would think that M.ATT/INT are your most important stats, it's actually not too hard to cap attack. Each battle has a limit on the amount of (M)ATT that will be applied to it, and it's not hard to get close or exceed that. Instead, the most important stats are CRIT (critical rate) and BAL (balance). CF (counterforce) also matters, at least to qualify for raids.

    Check out the gearing guide from 2020. It's still pretty relevant even with updates, and will give you a good idea of what to work for near end-game. The only important change to it that I'll recommend is that once you get your free level 85/90 accessories, enhance them up to +18. A semi-recent update made that guaranteed to succeed, and that will give you the CF to qualify for higher level raids.